E.H."Ed" Uwe Beltz

409 Highview Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Website: www.ehubeltz.com, E-mail Address: uwe@ehubeltz.com, Phone: 919-624-4159


UNC-School of Information and Library Science,
Chapel Hill, NC -- MSLS Candidate, December 2003

Vice President - ILSSA (2001-2002).
Member of AALL and SEALL.

Non-Degree Required Courses:
Java Programming, Database Systems I, Introduction to Local Area Networks, Information Retrieval, Internet Applications, Advanced Legal Research, Law Libraries, Human Resources, Academic Library Seminar

UNC-LAW School, Chapel Hill, NC -- Graduated Juris Doctor. 2001

Associated activities:
Worked Pro-Bono at North State Legal Services,
Worked as Library Circulation Assistant 2L year,
Worked as Library Reference Assistant 3L year,
Externship at Small Business and Technology Development Center,
Member of ABA, NCBA, PAD.

UNC-Pembroke, Pembroke, NC - Magna Cum Laude. 1998.

BS- Mathematics (Awarded Degree),
BA - Political Science Degree (Earned credits for Dual-Degree).

Other Activities/Awards:
President - Pi Sigma Alpha, Senator - Student Government Association, Walter Weisberg Memorial Scholarship Recipient, Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges for 1995-96 and 1996-97, Mathematics Tutor.

Campbell University, Buie's Creek, NC - Ft. Bragg Extension
Accounting, General Education


Job Location

Duties and Experiences

UNC-LAW Library - Graduate Assistant
(May 2001 - present)

  • Full range of responsibilities and duties, performed 20 hours per week year round, consistent with entry level Law Librarian. Including but not limited to
  • :
    • an average 14 hours per week at reference desk and performing other departmental duties.
    • an average 4 hours per week technical services duties.
    • an average 2 hours per week in computer services duties.
  • Participated in full range of library meetings including planning and organizing of library activities, attendance at annual association meetings.
  • Participated in training sessions for orientation and summer success programs.
  • Responsible for all aspects of the Interlibrary Lending and Document Retrieval services provided by the library during a six month period of a hiring freeze. This was accomplished through supervision of two parttime student assistants. Awarded Star Heels Award through University of North Carolina for this accomplishment.
North Carolina State University - Reference Assistant
(January 2003 - present)

  • Provide reference services at main reference desk of D.H. Hill Library - assisting undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and other patrons with locating and use of library materials.
  • Provide virtual reference.
  • Taught legal reference classes for Reference Librarians.
UNC-LAW Library - Circulation and Reference Assistant
(February 1999 - May 2001)

  • Assisted with filing and updating of reference and other library resources.
  • Performed all phases of circulation services, including opening and closing of library.
  • Categorized and organized research materials.
  • Assisted patrons (pro se, students, lawyers and faculty) in locating and utilizing reference and other library materials.
  • Assisted with move after completion of law school and library construction.


Non-Library Employment
while pursuing Law and Library Science degrees

(August 1998 - present)

Employers included:
  • Tosco Corporation (August 1998 - May 1999)
    • Managed third shift at convenience store.
  • Starwood Resorts- Sheraton, Chapel Hill (May 1999 - present)
    • Supervisory work
    • Bartending
    • Room Service & Restaurant

Employment while pursuing Undergraduate degree
(June 1994 - August 1998)

Employers included:
  • United Parcel Services (June 1994 - February 1996)
    • Cash handling - up to $25K per shift
    • Customer account establishment and servicing
  • Ross Landscape Services (Intermittent February 1996 - August 1998)
    • Construction cleanup and various landscape maintenance duties
  • Telespectrum (7 months between February 1996 and August 1998)
    • Outbound Telemarketing for Fortune 500 companies such as
      JC Penney, American Express, etc...
    • Consistently in top 5% of sales of over 100 agents on shift


Carolina Gold/Carolina Quality Lawn Care
(July 1987 - June 1994)

As Owner and Manager of both businesses I accomplished the following:
  • Built business from no capital or revenue to an operation with four landscape
    crews and a retail/wholesale straw baling location in four years time.
  • Managed over 150 acres of landscape management accounts.
  • Sold over 100,000 bales of pinestraw for each of last 3 years.
  • Responsible for all aspects of business including:
    • planning, accounting and tax preparation
    • payroll
    • purchasing
    • sales
    • advertising
    • management of accounts

Westinghouse Electric Corporation
(July 1980 - July 1987)

  • Final inspector for all phases of an electrical power control products manufacturing facility.
  • Responsibility included all aspects of inspecting electrical, mechanical and physical aspects of components and final products which required extensive use of blueprints, wiring diagrams and schematics.
  • Assisted, through Quality Circle team, in establishing a testing program for equipment bound for nuclear power plants.
  • Conducted employee training seminars and one-on-one training to insure consistent quality in products.

 Computer Experience

General Computer Skills
  • Programs - Extensive Skills
    Microsoft Office (including Publisher, and Access), Netscape, Dreamweaver,
    Internet Chat Programs, WS_FTP, Secure Shell CRT, WestLaw and
    Lexis-Nexis Interfaces, Variety of other Database Interfaces.
  • Programs - Mid-Level Skills
    Windows XP, 2000 and 98 OS', OCLC Passport Applications, Palm OS, Java Programming, Internet Chat Reference, Digital Photography, LinkSys 802.11b Wireless Networking.
  • Programs - Exposure, some experience
    SPSS, DVD and CD editing, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop, Linux OS, Novell OS, Linux Applications (including Apache Server),
Web Design/Database Skills
Java Programming Skills


American Association of Law Librarians

American Library Association

ALA - Reference and User Services Association

NC Bar Association (Affiliate Member)

SEALL (Southeastern Chapter of the American Association of Law Librarians)

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