Fall 2014

Admin Duties

Undergraduate Program Coordinator in the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina.

Teaching in Fall 2014

  1. Tuesday & Thursday at 0800 in Manning Hall 117: INLS161-001 Information Tools
  2. Tuesday & Thursday at 0930 in Manning Hall 307: INLS201-001 Foundations of Information Science
  3. Tuesday & Thursday at 1100 in Manning Hall 014: INLS758-001 International and Cross Cultural Perspectives for Information Management

Advising Duties

  1. INLS795
  2. INLS992

Recent classes

session school class
2013-2014 spring UNC | SILS INLS261-001 Information Tools
UNC | SILS INLS718-001 User Interface Design
UNC | SILS INLS101-002 Foundations of Information Science
2013-2014 fall UNC | SILS INLS461-001 Information Tools
UNC | SILS INLS261-002 Information Tools
UNC | SILS INLS261-001 Information Tools
UNC | SILS INLS889-001 Seminar in Teaching
2012-2013 summer I UNC | SILS INLS261_001/INLS461_001 Information Tools

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