ScreenBean holding money bag The Gubernatorial Campaign Finance Database

Tracking the expenditures of all reported candidates who have run for governor in the American states since 1977.

Compiled by Thad Beyle and Jennifer M. Jensen


Since procedures for gubernatorial elections vary by state, compiling the data into uniform data sets is challenging.  In addition, states have different reporting and collection procedures for campaign finance materials, and we must account for these variations in our dataset.  Our codebook contains considerable information about special circumstances in specific gubernatorial elections.  We strongly urge you to examine the codebook for the years you are using. It is long, so we don't recommend printing the entire document.

Data for the earlier years were collected from a number of sources, such as CQ Weekly Reports. More recently, data are collected directly from the state office that oversees elections reports. Sources for each year's data are listed in the codebook.

Please refer to the database as the Gubernatorial Campaign Expenditures Database, compiled by Thad Beyle and Jennifer M. Jensen. Should you happen to find something in the data sets that needs correcting, please contact Professor Jensen. For further information, see the following:

Jensen, Jennifer M. and Thad Beyle. 2003. "Of Footnotes, Missing Data, and Lessons for 50-State Data Collection: The Gubernatorial Campaign Finance Project, 1977-2001." State Politics and Policy Quarterly 3:203-214.


Campaign Expenditure Data by Year
  1968-1976$ 1977$ 1978$ 1979$          
1980$ 1981$ 1982$ 1983$ 1984$ 1985$ 1986$ 1987$ 1988$ 1989$
1990$ 1991$ 1992$ 1993$ 1994$ 1995$ 1996$ 1997$ 1998$ 1999$
 2000$ 2001$ 2002$ 2003$ 2004$ 2005$ 2006$ 2007$ 2008$ 2009$  

Here are the 2003 California recall data.

The following files contain the number of voters in each state's general election, as well as the cost per vote -- the total spent in that state's gubernatorial election cycle by all candidates, divided by the number of voters in the general election.


Aggregate Cost per Vote, by State-Year
            1968-1976stat 1977stat 1978stat 1979stat
1980stat 1981stat 1982stat 1983stat 1984stat 1985stat 1986stat 1987stat 1988stat 1989stat
1990stat 1991stat 1992stat 1993stat 1994stat 1995stat 1996stat 1997stat 1998stat 1999stat
2000stat 2001stat 2002stat 2003stat 2004stat 2005stat 2006stat 2007stat 2008stat 2009stat  

Data for Earlier Years, Aggregate Data, and Other Useful Stuff...

The individual state reports and responses to queries for data on gubernatorial campaigns are archived with:

The Citizens Research Foundation              (213) 743-2303 (office)
Research Annex                                         (213) 743-2110 (fax)
University of Southern California       
3716 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, CA  90007

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