Linda Anne Eastman

1867 - 1963



Linda Anne Eastman
Linda Anne Eastman was born in 1867 in Oberlin, Ohio. She attended, and later taught, in the Cleveland Public Schools before becoming a library assistant in 1892. As an assistant librarian and cataloguer for the Dayton Public Library, she worked for two years. In 1896 she became the vice-librarian of Cleveland Public. She has taught classes in the Library School of Western Reserve University and was one of the founding members of the Ohio Library Association, acting as its president for a year in 1903. She is known best for her writing on the principles of children's librarianship and on the qualifications of children's librarians, as described in her 1898 article The Children's Room and the Children's Librarian, where she stressed a love for children and knowledge of children's books as essential qualities. Linda Eastman died in 1963.

Selected Works
  • Eastman, Linda Anne. (1898). The Children's Room and the Children's Librarian. Public Libraries. 417.
  • Eastman, Linda Anne. (1898). The Library and the Children: an Account of the Children's Work in the Cleveland Public Library. Library Journal. 142.

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