Sheila A. Egoff

1918 -

Librarian & Author


Sheila A. Egoff
Though Sheila Egoff was born in Maine, she was educated in Ontario. She received a diploma in librarianship in 1939 from the University of Toronto, and returned for a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1947. A year later, she finished her education with a Diploma in Librarianship from the University of London. After graduation she worked in the Toronto Public library, and became the first curator of the Osborne Collection of early children's books. It was while working in the Toronto Public Library that she met Lillian Smith. After returning to Canada, she also became an Associate Professor at the School of Librarianship in the University of British Columbia. She has written numerous articles on library services to children. One of her most well known publications is The Republic of Childhood, a comprehensive study of Canadian Children's Literature. Sheila Egoff, the Professor Emeritus with the School of Librarianship at the University of British Columbia, officially retired in 1983, but has been cataloguing UBC's collection of early and rare children's books. In 1987 the Sheila A. Egoff Children's Literature Prize award was established, and is awarded for the best children's book by a writer who has lived in British Columbia for three of the previous five years.

Photograph from National Library of Canada

Selected Works
  • Egoff, Sheila. (1969). Only Connect: Readings on Children's Literature. Toronto: Oxford University Press.
  • Egoff, Sheila. (1967). The Republic of Childhood: A Critical Guide to Canadian Children's Literature in English. Toronto: Oxford University Press.
  • Egoff, Sheila. (1981). Thursday's Child: Trends and Patterns in Contemporary Children's Literature. Chicago, Illinois: American Library Association.

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