Celebrating the Contributions of Women in Youth Library Services

by Brandi Florence & Erica Jarvis


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While the field of children's literature scholarship is rife with texts about classic or contemporary children's books and parental prescriptions on children's reading, it is remiss in its history - i.e., the authors, editors, librarians, and educators who shaped the field. (Lundin, 1996, p. 843)


We created this digital library in hopes that we could begin to address the problem raised by Lundin in her seminal 1996 study. This digital library briefly examines the contributions of 58 of the 60 women mentioned in Lundin's work. Specifically, we examined all of the women included in Lundin's original study plus 16 of the 18 women that the educators surveyed felt should be considered in future studies. The task of finding biographical information for each of the 58 women turned out to be a lot harder than we expected. Some of the biographical sketches in this digital library are more thorough than others. In addition, several of the women we researched are continuing to completely elude us. This digital library was created to partially fulfill the requirements for INLS 341, Seminar in Public Libraries, offered by the School of Library & Information Science at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. However, we have both become extremely interested in this topic and plan to maintain this website even after the class is finished. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.


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Gertrude Andrus May Hill Arbuthnot Augusta Braxton Baker Mildred Batchelder
Louise Seaman Bechtel Sara Belknap Sarah Bogle Margaret Wise Brown
J. M. Campbell Jessie Carson Ann Nolan Clark Marguerite de Angeli
Linda Eastman Anne Thaxter Eaton Margaret Edwards Sheila Egoff
Rachel Field Mary Virginia Gaver Virginia Haviland Alice Hazeltine
Frances Elizabeth Henne Caroline Hewins Clara Howard Charlotte Huck
Clara Hunt Alice Jordan Dorothy Lathrop Louise Latimer
Claudia Lewis Harriet Long Bertha Mahony May Massee
Margaret McElderry Florence Crannell Means Cornelia Meigs Anne Carroll Moore
Amelia Munson Elizabeth Nesbitt Ursula Nordstrom Francis Jenkins Olcott
Mary Wright Plummer Effie Louise Power Mabel Robinson Charlemae Rollins
Jean Roos Minerva Sanders Ruth Sawyer Frances Clark Sayers
Margaret Scoggin Kate Seredy Marie Shedlock Elva Smith
Lillian Smith Zena Sutherland Velma Varner Ruth Hill Viguers
Mabel Williams Charlotte Zolotow

  • Lundin, A. (1996). The pedagogical context of women in children's service and literature scholarship. Library Trends, 44 (4), 755-775.

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Created: April 30, 2002
Last Modified: May 5, 2002