Mabel Louise Robinson

1874 - 1962

Author & Educator


Mabel Louise Robinson
Mabel Louise Robinson was born and raised in Waltham, Massachusetts.  After attending the Normal School, she taught for a few years and took classes at Radcliffe College.  She received her M.A. and Ph.D. from Columbia University in New York.  She spent a few years doing research work at the Carnegie Foundation.  During her career, she taught at a number of colleges and universities: Columbia University, Wellesley College, and Constantinople College.  Although she taught a variety of subjects, she is probably best known for her classes at Columbia University on creative writing. While she was at Columbia University, she taught a workshop that resulted in over two hundred books getting published.  She also wrote children's book of her own.  Two of her books were designated Newbery Honor Books by the American Library Association.

Photograph from The Junior Book of Authors (Kunitz & Haycraft, 1951, p. 257).

  • Bright Island designated a Newbery Honor Book, 1938
  • Runner of the Mountain Tops: The Life of Louis Agassiz designated a Newbery Honor Book, 1940
Selected Works
  • Bright Island, 1937 - Newbery Honor Book
  • Runner of the Mountain Tops: The Life of Louis Agassiz, 1939 - Newbery Honor Book
  • Bitter Forfeit, 1949
  • King Arthur and His Knights, 1953
  • Kunitz, S. J., & Haycraft, H. (Eds.). (1951). Mabel Louise Robinson. In The junior book of authors (2nd ed., rev.) (pp. 256-257). New York: The H. W. Wilson Company.

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