Kate Seredy

1899 - 1975

Illustrator & Writer


Kate Seredy
Kate Seredy was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1899. After studying art throughout Europe, she served as a nurse during WWI. It wasn't until 1922 that she ventured to the United States. She found work as a commercial illustrator, then on the suggestion of an editor wrote a semi-autobiographical work drawing on her memories of Hungary. The book was published in 1935 as The Good Master. Other books followed, but she is best known for The White Stag. She did not consider herself to be a writer, claiming that her stories were merely an excuse for making pictures. She died in 1975.

Photograph from Silverdale's Kate Seredy Page
  • Newbery Award in 1938 for The White Stag
  • Newbery Honor for The Good Master
  • Newbery Honor for The Singing Tree
Selected Works
  • Seredy, Kate. (1935). The Good Master. New York: Viking Press.
  • Seredy, Kate. (1937). The White Stag. New York: Viking Press.
  • Seredy, Kate. The Singing Tree

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