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Editorial Policy

All works of all kind are accepted for review to be published in The Stump. Generally there is no restriction for publication; this is intended to be a page of free-expression. However, as editor and publisher of this website I reserve the right to decide what is put on the webpage. All rights to the works are retained by the authors. The works may not be reproduced without their consent.

Important: Because of the relatively open nature of this site, all of the works may not be suitable for all ages. Therefore site is PG-13 in some places. If there anyone has questions about the nature of the site and its content, please don't hesitate to email the editor.

Anonymous submissions are acceptable (Make sure this is specified to the editor). Credit for each work will be given to the person who submitted it. All writers have the right to have their bio and email address posted under the Biography section of the website. Any complaints and comments should be sent to: Stump Editor


There is no monetary compensation for submissions. All submissions should be sent to Stump Editor. In the subject heading write "Submission." Make sure you specify whether it is a work of prose, poetry or what have you. Sometimes it is difficult for me to tell. Any reply to the Question of the Week should have "Question of the Week" in the subject heading and should be sent to the above address. The Stump will be updated every week on Friday. All submissions should be in by Thursday to be considered for that week's issue.

Mailing List

The mailing list is sent out weekly (occasionally more frequently) and informs of Stump updates and other news of interest. The Question of the Week is also included in the weekly mailing. If you would like to join the mailing list then send an e-mail to The Stump Mailing List with the words "Join Stump Mailing List" in the subject line.

Links and Awards

If you have enjoyed The Stump then you might enjoy some of these other websites.


At the top of every page there is the Stump banner. Clicking on this will return you to the mainpage.

Prose - Here works of prose are posted, this is open to everyone.

Poetry - Here works of poetry are posted, this is open to everyone.

On the Stump - This is a forum for editorials on society, politics, religion, or whatever you have an opinion on.

Art Gallery - This is a gallery for works of visual art, be they scanned drawings, art paintings, photographs, or what have you. Do to the limited size of the server the pieces of art unfortunately cannot be archived.

Question of the Week - Every week a new question is posted, along with answers (everyone is encouraged to submit an answer). People are also encourage to submit their own Questions of the Week. If you suscribe to the mailing list than the QotW will be mailed to you every week.

Columns - This part of the site is for any columns published on the site on a regular basis.

Serializations - This is a section for continuing stories. If you have an idea for a serialization then contact The Stump Editor.

About the Writers - Here you can learn about the artists who submitted work to The Stump. If you have submitted anything to The Stump (besides an answer to the Question of the Week) then you encouraged to send in a bio along with your email address.

Selection of the Month - This award is given to a work on The Stump that the editor finds especially meritorous. Normally this work will be one that is a bit older, and one that many people may not have read recently. Works by the editor or the editor's relatives will not be used in this section.

Message Board - Was a particular piece worthy of comment? Have an opinion on how The Stump is going? Let us know here.