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Marc B. Adin
-In Fall, In Love
-Read All About It
-Shadow Hunting
Adouda Adjiri
-I Tried
-One Evening
-The Riddle
-Song and Prayer
Jeffrey C. Alfier
-At the Edge of Byzantium
-Beyond April-A Guardmount for Refugees
-Young Wives
Joe Aprile
-The Abyss
-Who am I?
Reid Baer
-All Out Doors
-The End of Miracles
-Not at the Same Time You Can't
-Not So Far Away
-While in the Flesh
Josh Becker
Rachel Berry
-Watching a copy of a Tai Chi video with my father
-Word Problems
Kile Blair
-Beautiful Six-String
Greg Braquet
-One Act Done
Judy Bridges
-Repugnant Mockery
Neal Brincefield
-Orange Hat
John Bryan
-i drink i
-In Narromine we Trust
-The Little Death
-The Others
-On Her Majesty's Secret Service
-Photograph of an escape
Mary Bullard
-Reflections of an ex-virgin removed and reconnected with reality
Philip Chairez
-"True Love" Sounds
Waylon Delgado
-Summer Camp
-The Summer I Worked as a Busboy, I Made $10 in Tips
Linda S. DeLuca
-City of Lights
-Days Long Gone By
-Life as a Rose
-Once was Enough
-One Small Step
Rena Erickson
-The Ballerina
-For You
-I Speak to You Softly
-Just a Thought
-My Darling
-My Love
-Searching For You
-So Many Times
-Something About Him
-Winter 2
Rich Furman
-At the station
-Dead Together (with Jim Smith)
-The hammer to the sign post
-A good day
-Jazz after Masturbation
-Los Angeles is a gnat on a walrus
-A magic revisited
-Mother's Day
-Sand Crabs
-They Will Love It
-Valentines Day
-You have much to learn
Michael Hayden
-It's a Dirty Job
-Poem 2
Bucky Harris
Judy Hope
-I Saw You
Amy Ihrke
-Hollow Existence
Ward Kelley
-Atoms of the Soul
-Inside the Soul's Heart
-Not Given a Name
-A Soul In Purgatory Speaks Out
-These Sands Have Seen Nothing New
-Two Demons Discuss Your Fate
Gary Langford
-The Cursing Time
Anthony Liccione
-Balloons in Malawi
Daniel Angus Louis
-One Love
Pala M.
-Day's Nightmare
Corey Mesler
-I Go on TV
-Remember Monogamy
-We're Going to War
Benjamin A. Morris
-to package a dream
Christopher Mulrooney
-tenor and baritone
Rob Munson
Lee Painton
-Oedipus Rex - A Short Poem
Mimi Phan
-The Proud and Fearless Kiwi: An Epic Poem
Scott Phillips
-Lost Eyes
Baker H. Pratt
-The Tarpeian Rock
-Tricks of Perception
Ian Pratt
-Can You See Me?
-A Girl Made of Roses
-Homeless Traveler
-Something Happy Never Found
Dan Provost
-A Dull Night
-To the Homeless Guy on Belmont Street or Better You than Me
-This is the Way Some Get Famous
Joelle Ruben
-Ode to the Jianbing Lady
Stephanie Scarborough
-Doughnut Sonnet No. 1
-Doughnut Sonnet No. 50
-Painting with Isis
Justin R. Shaddix
-Desert Flower
-The History of Orange Gas
-Like a Deer Caught in Headlights
Kristyn Marie Sherman
-Talking to Myself
Jim Smith
-High Heels
-One Night
-Why did you die for me?
-Your Gaze
Jeremy Smyers
-A Cheap Christ
-The Day that I Die
-4.19 am
-Looking at the Sun
-Remember Me?
-untitled 2
-untitled 3
-untitled 4
-untitled 5
-untitled 6
Sara Stanley
-The Abode in my Heart
-A Day Off
-Forsaken Eyes
-Generating Paper
-Grandma's Porch
-Growing Old
-Homer of All Homers
-Love Letter
-The Mill
-Moonlit Thoughts
-Our Father
-Seeking Relationships
Douglas Tanoury
-At the Lake
-August Again
-Autumn Inside Me
-Detroit Poems
-Felix Culpa
-Las Sandias
-Late August
-Lazy Geometry
-Magnificat Anima Mea Dominum (A Song For St. Mary's)
-Ode to Bermuda Street
-Ode to Feet
-Ode to Mohawk Avenue
-Sleeping Lizard
-Sweet Spanish Onions
-Venus Rising
-Winter Pears
-With Oranges
A.J. Tedesco
-A Poem's Ransom
-Sanctuary from Time
-Thank You
Mario J. Torres
Phibby Venable
At the Movies
-On River Road
-The Secret of the Sand
-She has put her hand in the lion's mouth..
-Toward Blowing Rock
-Where I Hid the Song Bird
Kelly White
-bone light gleaming needle far
-Haiku 2
-Haiku 3
-Haiku 4
-Haiku 5
-Kathmandu/ Timbuktu
Melanie Wong
-Pain Withers the Soul
-Plain and Brown
-The Strength to Go On
Arun Wright
-Ode to Statistics
-Simple Simon
-A Statistics Haiku with Mild Sarcasm
-A Statistics Haiku
-The Trial
Cindy Wright
-Crossing Containments
-Modern Homesteader
-Small Matters
David Lee Wright
-.bete noire steps to heaven."
-Holiday Birthed
-My Friend, Jerry Business!
-Taboos of a Western Un-Civilization
-Things left for the street
-West Boulevard
-A vow made in haste