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Mattie Abberwick
-Take That Look off Your Face
Heather Apple
-Manipulating the Variables
Joe Aprile
-A Cold and Icy Bridge
-The End of the Nerds
Sam Ash
Robert Bazzo
-Dress Patterns
Nate Burgos
-Spine Tingle
James Carpenter
Philip Chairez
Alan Danzis
Charles Farrell
-A Firefighter's Story
Joyce Faulkner
-Goodbye - 1970
Don Greenwood
-Angels in Disguise
-A Day in the Life of a "Maintenance" Priest
-A Full Spread
-Grandpa's Cap
-He Just Sits There!
-I Had Never Seen Anything Like It
-My Family Loved Canasta - I Think I Know Why
-My God, What's Happening to Our Son?
-My Sister In-Law
-A Prayer of Gratitude for Race
-A Prayer for Racial Understanding
-Three Old-Timers
-Was he an Angel?
-What the Hell was his Problem?
-No Ordinary Trick or Treat!
-The Wicked Witch of the West
Michael Hayden
-Autodidactic Mastodon Clinician Extraordinaire
-Major Mosschops
-Another Story
-Small Story with a Glass Bowl
Chris McHenry
-The Third Rail
Eric Morgan
-They Left and are Left
Lillian Owl
-Tireless Patience
Baker H. Pratt
-Girl Made of Roses
-I Remember
-Interview with a Llama
-Mr. Chips
-A Scary Story for Friday the 13th of October in the year 2000 that Also Has a Full Moon
-Views of A Man and A River
Wes E. Prussing
-Wind Chill
G Emil Reutter
-Down by the River
John Sheirer
-Driving Nostalgia
Ryan Shiroma
Jeremy Smyers
Remembering J.F.
Skeeze Whitlow
Lori Woods
-The Problem Associated With Clepto-Personality Disorder
David Lee Wright
-Burnside Dreamgirl
-Flat lined God
-a Letter for Lucy
-Send and Receive
-Shooter Gallery
-underworld obituary
-Up and Luna
-Dog Beach Poets
Jerry Vilhotti
-A USA Quasimodo