Electromagnetic Roller Coasters

Today’s roller coasters are a far cry from the rickety wooden coasters of the original theme parks.  And while these wooden coasters are a fun way to induce the nostalgia of yesteryear in today’s theme park goers, it is the new and improved, faster and more thrilling coasters that so many seek out.   These coasters can reach amazing speeds in a very short amount of time, raise the rider hundreds of feet in the air and then let them go in a virtual free fall before shooting them through inversions, corkscrews and compound turns, all possible thanks to electromagnetic roller coasters.  There are two types of electromagnetic roller coasters used in theme parks today, the linear synchronous motors (LSM) and linear induction motors (LIM).  Although both systems utilize magnets to launch and propel roller coasters, they operate in very different ways.  Click on the links below to see how each system works.


Linear Induction Motors (LIM)                                                        Linear Synchronous Motors (LSM)