Facsimiles of Medieval Manuscripts and Incunabula in UNC's Library Holdings

by Britt Mize for the Carolina Association for Medieval Studies

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This page is a rough working version of a site that will list facsimiles of medieval manuscripts and of incunabula held by the library system of UNC-Chapel Hill. The project is coordinated and the work done by Britt Mize. It is undertaken through the Carolina Association for Medieval Studies for the university community at large, and it is intended to be published on the website of the Carolina Association for Medieval Studies for public use.

The target materials are defined as those produced between the years 300 and 1500 in languages used in Europe or in the cultures with which European peoples were in some systematic contact during that time period. Thus, for example, along with facsimiles of manuscripts containing medieval German, Latin, Irish, English, etc., manuscript facsimiles containing Arabic and Syriac are listed, but facsimiles of manuscripts containing only Hindi or Chinese are not.

I should emphasize that this is a listing of facsimiles of manuscripts and incunabula, not of manuscripts or incunabula themselves. UNC's Rare Book Collection does hold incunabula and medieval manuscripts, but they are not listed here.

The present formatting is for the purposes of data organization only and does not approximate the projected appearance or structure of the finished site. The listings themselves contain many queries signalling incomplete information, and the final section of the list is a collection of references that lack enough information so as to be impossible to list without detailed examination in the later stages of the project.

For now, the primary organizational principle is language. Any facsimile that I know to contain more than one language has multiple identical listings, one for each language it contains. Within each language grouping, items are organized alphabetically by city first, then by library, and finally by shelfmark. Links included with the individual listings connect the user to the UNC Libraries' online catalog records for those items. These catalog records vary greatly in quality and quantity of information, and in some cases, there is no catalog record at all (in which case there is no link).

The finished version of the site will allow users to select whether they wish to see the listing organized by language first, or by city first. Most scholars will probably consider the city-library-shelfmark listing the most useful primary level of organization, but language-first organization can also be useful for surveying what the library system has in a particular language, especially those languages that have relatively few listings (such as Irish, Welsh, or Arabic).

The chief method of data collection is a series of keyword searches using the UNC online library catalog. This method has been supplemented by the addition of facsimiles I know about from other sources, such as bibliographies.

Britt Mize


List of searches so far | Arabic | Bulgarian | Church Slavic | Dutch | English | Flemish | French | German | Greek | Hebrew | Hungarian | Irish | Italian | Kipchak | Latin | Lombard | Norse | Persian | Russian | Spanish | Syriac | Welsh | Yiddish | Problems needing special attention



Keyword search completed:                        No. of hits produced:
anglo-saxon and facsimile                                        30
anglo-saxon and facsimiles                                      21
arabic and facsimile                                                 21
arabic and facsimiles                                                 20
cornish and facsimile ............................................2
early english manuscripts in facsimile                          26
early icelandic manuscripts in facsimile                      19
facsimile series of the works of geoffrey chaucer        4
csimiles in collotype of irish                                      1
15th cent and facsimile                                              13
german and facsimile.....................................270
eek and facsimile                                                    74
greek and facsimiles                                                    91
hebrew and facsimile                                                  19
hebrew and facsimiles                                                34
icelandic and facsimile                                                21
icelandic and facsimiles                                              19
illuminated manuscripts of the middle ages                  5
incunabules poeticos castellanos                                 3
irish and facsimile                                                       26
irish and facsimiles                                                    19
islandica                                                                     79
italian and facsimile                                                   141
italian and facsimiles                                                  140
manuscripta islandica                                                  7
medieval and facsimile                                              108
medieval and facsimiles                                             191
medieval drama facsimiles                                           8
middle and facsimile                                                   63
middle and facsimiles                                                121
norse and facsimile                                                      19
norse and facsimiles                                                     24
old and facsimile                                                       138
old and facsimiles                                                     123
syriac and facsimile                                                     6
syriac and facsimiles                                                   5
welsh and facsimile                                                      5
welsh and facsimiles                                                    3

Current search: "german and facsimilies" complete through "Bible. O.T. Psalms. Greek. 1960. Psalterium Graeco-Latinum: Codex Basiliensis A.VII.3. Umbrae codicum occidentalium; 5. Amsterdam:
North-Holland Pub. Co., 1960.", number 200 of 320 hits.


Church Slavic
Church Slavic
Church Slavic
Church Slavic
English English English English
French French French French
German German German German


Italian Italian Italian Italian
Latin Latin Latin Latin
Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish
Yiddish Yiddish Yiddish Yiddish



Need special attention:
1.  Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in microfiche facsimile. [microform]. Binghamton, N.Y.: Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, 1994. Davis Microforms Coll Microfiche -- CALL NUMBER: 1-3794, and
Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in microfiche facsimile. Binghamton, N.Y.: Medieval & Renaissance Texts & Studies, 1994.
Davis Reference -- CALL NUMBER: Z6605.A56 A54 1994 (a printed guide to the above)

2.  the "moralized bible" listed near the top of the Latin section--see note there.

3.  Le Recueil du British Museum. Fac-simile des 64 pieces de l'original. Precede d'une introduction par Halina Lewicka. Avec un resume de
          l'avant-propos en anglais.  (this is a collection of facsimiles of mid-16th-century prints of medieval French comic plays, as the online note indicates.)

4.  Mappae clavicula; a little key to the world of medieval techniques. [Edited and translated by] Cyril Stanley Smith and John G. Hawthorne.  (I don't really know what this is.)

5. A medieval miscellany / selected and edited by Judith Herrin ; manuscript selection and book design by Linda & Michael Falter ; with an introduction by
          Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie.

6. Iranian Manichaean Turfan texts in early publications (1904-1934) : photo edition / edited by Werner Sundermann. (is this relevant?)

7.  Anthologie van muziekfragmenten uit de Lage Landen : (Middleeuwen - Renaissance) : polyfonie, monodie en leisteenfragmenten in facsimile = An
          anthology of music fragments from the Low Countries : (Middle Ages - Renaissance) : polyphony, monophony and slate fragments in facsimile / Eugeen
          Schreurs. (Is this relevant?)

10.  Deutsche Schriften [von] Heinrich Seuse. Im Auftrag der Wurttembergischen Kommission fur Landesgeschichte hrsg. von Karl Bihlmeyer. Stuttgart,
          [W. Kohlhammer] 1907. [Is this a MS facsimile or a facsimile reprint of a modern book?]

12.  Kitab al-Hummayat li-Ishaq ibn Sulayman al-Isra' ili. al-Maqala al-thalitha, Fi al-sill = On fevers. The third discourse, On consumption / Isaac Judaeus ;
          edited and translated with introd. and notes by J.D. Latham and H.D. Isaacs. [Is this a facsimile or an edition?]

13.  Johann Hartliebs Alexanderbuch : eine unbekannte illustrierte Handschrift von 1461 in der hesssischen Landes- und Hochschulbibliothek Darmstadt
          (Hs. 4256) / von Jurgen Vorderstemann. Mit Abbildungen und einem neuen Handschriftenverzeichnis. (Is this a manuscript facsimile?)

16. Old English verse texts from many sources : a comprehensive collection / edited by Fred C. Robinson, E.G.
          Stanley (EEMSF 23)

17. Die erste Novgoroder Chronik nach ihrer altesten Redaktion (Synodalhandschrift) 1016-1333/1352 : Edition des
          altrussichen Textes und Faksimile der Handschrift im Nachdruck = The first Novgorod chronicle in its oldest
          version (synodal transcript) 1016-1333/1352 : edition of the Old Russian text with facsimile of the transcript in
          reprint / in deutscher Ubersetzung hrsg. und mit einer Einleitung versehen von Joachim Dietze. [What language is this MS in?]

18. The Codex alexandrinus (Royal ms. 1 D v-viii) in reduced photographic facsimile. (Is this a medieval MS?)

19. De natura rerum : (lib. IV-XII) / por Tomas de Cantimpre. Tacuinum sanitatis : codice c-67 (fols. 2v-116r) de la
          Biblioteca Universitaria de Granada. (Is this a Latin MS? and the online notes seem to indicate marginalia in pre-1500 German.)

20. Sagas of Icelandic bishops. Fragments of eight manuscripts.

21. The will of Aethelgifu: a tenth century Anglo-Saxon manuscript; translated and examined by Dorothy Whitelock,
          with a note on the document by Neil Ker, and analyses of the properties, livestock and chattels concerned by
          Lord Rennell.

23. Ippolito e Lionora. From a manuscript of Felice Feliciano in the Harvard College Library. (Does this belong in this list?)

24. Sigilla Islandica / Magnus Mar Larusson og Jonas Kristjansson sau um utgafuna. (Does this belong? What MSS does it reproduce?)

25. Codex Wormianus am 242, fol. / udgiven af Kommissionen for det Arnamagnaeanske Legat. (Is this a facsimile?)

28. Kvaei Jonasar Hallgrimssonar i eiginhandarriti. Einar Ol. Sveinsson og Olafur Halldorsson sau um utgafuna. (Does this belong? what MSS does it reproduce?)

31. Non-cycle plays and the Winchester dialogues : facsimiles of plays and fragments in various manuscripts and the
          dialogues in Winchester College MS33 / with introductions and a transcript of the dialogues by Norman Davis. (Medieval Drama Facsimiles 5) (which MSS? list separately?) [Davis Folio PR1260 .N66].

32. Hibernica minora; being a fragment of an Old-Irish treatise on the Psalter with translation, notes and glossary and an appendix contianing extracts
          hitherto unpublished from ms. Rawlinson, B. 512 in the Bodleian library, ed. by Kuno Meyer. With a facsimile. (Does this belong here?)

33. Autograph poetry in the English language; facsimiles of original manuscripts from the fourteenth to the twentieth
          century. Compiled and edited with an introd., commentary, and transcripts by P. J. Croft. (Does this belong here?) [Davis Folio PR1174 .C75 1973 (2 vols.)].

34. British literary manuscripts from the British Library, London. Series three, Medieval manuscripts to c.1500
          [microform]. (looks like a major microfilm series of facsimiles.)

35. [Englysh Cronycle] [microfilm manuscript] (group of a few different works on microfilm facsimile.)

36. [Miscellany] [microform] Davis Microforms Coll Microfilm -- CALL NUMBER: 1-4720  (a facsimile of a miscellany.)

37. Check series: Publications of mediaeval musical manuscripts.

38. [Commentarium in Convivium Platonis De amore] [microfilm manuscript] Davis Microforms Coll Microfilm -- CALL NUMBER: 1-2743. (Microfilm facsimile.)

39. Le roman de Fauvel [microform] : reproduction photographique du manuscrit français 146 de la Bibliotèque
          nationale de Paris / avec un index des interpolations lyriques, par Pierre Aubry. Music Microfilm -- CALL NUMBER: 55-M740


41. Codex Vindobonensis 2885 / bearbeitet von Ursula Schmid. [Is this a facsimile?]

42. Türk siveleri lügati = (Divanü Lugat-it-Türk) / Mahmud el-Kasgari. Inceleme, tenkidli metin, ingilizce tercüme,
          dizinler, Robert Dankoff, James Kelly. (Vol. 3 has a microfiche in its pocket--is this a facsimile in microform?]

43. [The Caedmon manuscript] [microfilm manuscript]

44. Facsimiles of ancient charters in the British Museum.

45. Chartae latinae antiquiores; facsimile edition of the Latin charters prior to the ninth century. Edited by Albert
          Bruckner and Robert Marichal.

46. Chartae latinae antiquiores : facsimile edition of the Latin charters, 2nd series, ninth century

47. The Anglo-Saxon chronicle : a collaborative edition / general editors, David Dumville & Simon Keynes. [facsimile of MS F in vol. 1.]

48. The will of Aethelgifu: a tenth century Anglo-Saxon manuscript; translated and examined by Dorothy Whitelock,
          with a note on the document by Neil Ker, and analyses of the properties, livestock and chattels concerned by
          Lord Rennell.

49. The Trinity Gospels [microform].

50. The Lindisfarne Gospels [microform].

51. Evangeliarium Epternacense [microfiche] : (Universitatsbibliothek Augsburg, Cod. I.2.42) ; Evangelistarium :
          (Erzbischofliches Priesterseminar St. Peter, Cod. ms. 25) / introduction and codicological description by Daibhi O

52. check series: codices illuminati medii aevi

53. Die Bruchstucke der altsachsischen Genesis und ihrer altenglischen Ubertragung : Einfuhrung, Textwiedergaben
          und Ubersetzungen, Abbildung der gesamten Uberlieferung / herausgegeben von Ute Schwab, mit Beitragen von
          Ludwig Schuba und Hartmut Kugler.

54. Facsimiles of Anglo-Saxon charters / edited by Simon Keynes.

55. Waldere / edited from Royal Library, Copenhagen Ny Kgl. S. MS. 167 b by Arne Zettersten.

56. The Arabic original of Ibn Shahin's Book of comfort, known as the Hibbur yaphe of R. Nissim b. Ya`aqobh,
          edited from the unique manuscript by Julian Obermann. [/does this belong here?]

57.  Facsimiles of English Royal Writs to A.D. 1100, ed. Terence Alan Martyn Bishop, 1957.

58. The O Doyne (O Duinn) manuscript : documents relating to the family of O Doyne (O Duinn) from Archbishop
          Marsh's Library, Dublin, MS Z.4.2.19 / edited by K.W. Nicholls. [Does this belong?]

59. Sigilla Islandica / Magnus Mar Larusson og Jonas Kristjansson sau um utgafuna. [Does this belong?]

60.  Corpus codicum Norvegicorum Medii Aevi. Folio serie. Utgitt ved Didrik Arup Seip.

61. Physiologus i to islandske bearbejdelser / udgiven med indledning og oplysninger af Verner Dahlerup.

62. check series: Monumenta Musicae Byzantinae.

63. With: The festival book, or, Legends of saints for the whole year (lxxxviii-c.lxxv p). Fragment. Apparently part
          of an ed. printed by Wynken de Worde in 1496. [That is part of the online catalog entry for Here bigynneth Mateyns of oure Lady modir of oure Lord ihu Crist [microform]., which is the title given for Bodleian Library MS Ashmole 1288. How to list this Wynken de Worde fragment?]

64. British literary manuscripts from the British Library, London. Series three, Medieval manuscripts to c.1500

65. check series: Corpus Inscriptionum Iranicarum

66. [History of England to the deposing of Hen. VI] [microform]  (Is this pre-1500?)

67. [The Great English chronologie to A.D. 1411] [microform]   (Is this pre-1500?)

68. The Old Rus' Kievan and Galician-Volhynian chronicles : the Ostroz'kyj (Xlebnikov) and Cetvertyns'kyj (Pogodin) codices / with an introduction by
          Omeljan Pritsak.  (A Ukrainian work--does this belong?)

69. Die Sterzinger Miszellaneen-Handschrift / in Abbildung herausgegeben von Eugen Thurnher und Manfred Zimmermann, unter Mitwirkung von Franz V.
          Spechtler und Ulrich Muller.  (This belongs, but I don't have city, library, or shelfmark--check.)

 70. Series check: Medieval manuscripts in microform. Series 1. Major treasures in the Bodleian Library ; no. 1

71. Skazanie o kniaze Mikhaile Chernigovskom i o ego boiarine Feodore : faksimil'noe vosproizvedenie litsevogo
          spiska iz sobraniia Gosudarstvennogo istoricheskogo muzeia s perevodom i prilozheniiami / [avtor perevoda i
          prilozhenii I.V. Levochkin].

72. Fifty-six AElfric fragments : the newly-found Copenhagen fragments of AElfric's Catholic homilies with facsimiles
          / edited by Else Fausboll.

73. Skazanie o Borise i Glebe : nauchno-spravochn yi apparat izdaniia / [avtory L.A. Dmitriev ... et al.].

74. Povest' o Zosime i Savvatii : faksimil'noe vosproizvedenie. (medieval?)

 75. series check: Collection of photographic facsimiles.

76. Drevnie pamiatniki russkago pis'ma i iazyka (X-XIV viekov) obshchee povremennoe obozrienie. [Does this belong?]

77. Paleograficheskii al'bom. Ucheb. sbornik snimkov s rukopisei rus. dokumentov XIII-XVIII vv. Sost. V. A.
          Petrova. Pod. red. prof. S. N. Balka.

78. The Thorkelin transcripts of Beowulf in facsimile. Edited by Kemp Malone. EEMS 1. (include?)

79. The Kellis agricultural account book (P. Kell.IV Gr.96) / by Roger S. Bagnall with contributions from C. A.
          Hope ... [et al.].  (medieval?)

80. The Apocryphon of Jannes and Jambres the magicians : P. Chester Beatty XVI (with new editions of Papyrus
          Vindobonensis Greek inv. 29456+29828 verso and British Library Cotton Tiberius B. v f. 87) / edited, with
          introduction, translation, and commentary with full facsimile of all three texts by Albert Pietersma.  [Medieval?]

81. check series: Monumenta musicae Byzantinae

82. The acts of Phileas, Bishop of Thmuis : (including fragments of the Greek Psalter) : P. Chester Beatty XV (with
          a new edition of P. Bodmer XX, and Halkin's Latin Acta) / edited with introduction, translation and commentary
          [by] Albert Pietersma ; with full facsimile of the C.B. text.   [medieval?]

83. Two manuscripts of the Greek psalter in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin / edited with textual-critical analysis
          and with full facsimile, Albert Pietersma.  [medieval?]

84. The poems of Bacchylides; facsimile of papyrus DCCXXXIII in the British museum.  [medieval?]

85. The Greek manuscripts of the New Testament at Mount Sinai; facsimiles and descriptions by William Henry
          Paine Hatch ...   [medieval?]

86. Periplus : or, Circumnavigation of Africa : Greek text with facing English translation, commentary, notes and
          facsimile of Codex palatinus Gr. 398 / Hanno the Carthaginian ; [edited] by Al. N. Oikonomides ; with extracts
          from W. H. Schoff, E. A. [i.e. E. H.] Bunbury and the complete edition by F. Kluge (1829) as appendix.  [medieval?]

87. Theophrasti Eresii opera, quae supersunt, omnia Graeca recensuit, Latine interpretatus est, indices rerum et
          verborum absolutissimos adjecit Fridericus Wimmer. Parisiis, Didot, 1866.  [medieval?]

88. A Greek fragment of Tatian's Diatessaron, from Dura; edited with facsimile, transcription and introduction by
          Carl H. Kraeling.  [medieval?]

89. Facsimile of the Washington manuscript of Deuteronomy and Joshua in the Freer collection. With an
          introduction by Henry A. Sanders.  [medieval?]

90. Der Wiener Dioskurides : Codex medicus graecus 1 der Osterreichischen Nationalbibliothek / Kommentar von
          Otto Mazal. [medieval?]

91. Berenice da Callimaco a Catullo : testo critico, traduzione e commento / Nino Marinone.  [medieval?]

92. V poiskakh pesnopenii grecheskoi tserkvi : preosviashchennyi Porfirii Uspenskii i ego kollektsiia drevnikh
          muzykal'nykh rukopisei / E.V. Gertsman.  [medieval? and what MSS?]

93. Greek Jewish texts from the Cairo Genizah / [selected and translated] by Nicholas de Lange.  (does this belong? and what MSS?)

94. Two Greek magical papyri in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden : a photographic edition of J384 and
          J395 (=PGM XII and XIII) / edited by Robert W. Daniel.   (Medieval?)

95. Dated Greek manuscripts from Cyprus to the year 1570 / Costas N. Constantinides and Robert Browning.  (which MSS?)

96. Eine Steuerliste aus Pheretnuis (P. Pher.) / P.J. Sijpesteijn, K.A. Worp.  [medieval?]

97. Notarsunterschriften im byzantinischen Agypten (Byz. Not.) / herausgegeben von Johannes M. Diethart und
          Klaas A. Worp.  [medieval?]

98. Psalterium Graeco-Latinum : Codex Basiliensis A.VII.3 / einleitung von L.Bieler.  [medieval?]

99. Der Kolner Mani-Kodex : Abbildungen und diplomatischer Text / herausgegeben von Ludwig Koenen und
          Cornelia Romer.  [medieval?]

100. Codex purpureus Rossanensis : edizione integrale in fac-simile del manoscritto = vollstandige Faksimile-Ausgabe
          im Originalformat der Handschrift : Rossano Calabro, Museo dell'arcivescovado.  [medieval?]

101. Fifty Oxyrhynchus papyri : (P. Oxy. Hels.) / Henrik Zilliacus ... [et al.].  [medieval?]

102. I papiri vaticani greci di Aphrodito : (PVatic. Aphrod.) / Rosario Pintaudi.   [medieval?]

103. Facsimilies of ancient manuscripts, etc. ... 1st ser. ...  [what is this?]

104. Three rolls of the early Septuagint : Genesis and Deuteronomy : a photographic edition / prepared in
          collaboration with the International Photographic Archive of the Association internationale de papyrologues by
          Zaki Aly ; with preface, introduction, and notes by Ludwig Koenen.   [medieval?]

105. Die Bibel des Niketas : ein Werk der hofischen Buchkunst in Byzanz und sein antikes Vorbild / Hans Belting,
          Guglielmo Cavallo.

106. I codici greci in minuscola dei sec. IX e X della Biblioteca nazionale marciana / descrizione e tavole e cura di
          Elpidio Mioni e Mariarosa Formentin.  (does this belong?)

107. Facsimiles of manuscripts and inscriptions. Edited by Edward Augustus Bond, Edward Maunde Thompson, and
          George Frederic Warner. Second series ...   (does this belong?  goes with 103 above)

108.  Facsimiles of manuscripts and inscriptions ...  (does this belong?  goes with 103 and 107 above.)

109: series check: Manuscripts in miniature

110. Kniga naritsaema Koz'ma Indikoplov / izdanie podgotovili V.S. Golyshenko, V.F. Dubrovina.  (full facsimile?)

111. The Sex werkdays and agis : an edition of a late medieval Scots universal history from the Asloan manuscript /
          edited by L.A.J.R. Houwen.  (medieval?  facsimile?)

112. Codices miniados en el Real Monasterio de Las Huelgas / Sonsoles Herrero Gonzalez ; fotografia Joaquin
          Cortes Santi.  (does this belong?)

113. The autograph of Eriugena / by Edouard Jeauneau and Paul Edward Dutton.  (is this what it sounds like?  And what's the MS?)

114. check series: Codices selecti phototypice impressi

115. Las glosas emilianenses y silenses / Cesar Hernandez Alonso ... [et al.].  (does this belong?)

116. check series: Codices illuminati medii aevi

117. Antifonario visigotico mozarabe de la Catedral de Leon / Edicion del texto notas e indices por Louis Brou y Jose Vives.  [does this include text, or only music?]

118. check series: Facsimiles musicales

119. Die mittelalterlichen Neidhart-Spiele / in Abbildungen der Handschriften herausgegeben von John Margetts.  [is this a facsimile?]

120. Gesta Gregorii Peccatoris / Arnold von Lubeck ; Untersuchungen und Edition von Johannes Schilling. [is this a facsimile?]

121. Die Minnesinger in Bildern der Manessischen Handschrift / mit einem Geleitwort von Hans Naumann. [what is this?]

122. Le Livre d'heures du duc Louis de Savoie. Lettre-préf. de Daniel-Rops. Introd. historique et critique de Clément Gardet.   [Facsimile?]

123.  check series: Codices e Vaticanis selecti

124. Liturgica Islandica / Lilli Gjerlow.  [is this a bunch of different ones?]

125. Missale notatum Strigoniense ante 1341 in Posonio / edited by Janka Szendrei and Richard Rybaric [printed music].

127. Facsimiles of ancient charters in the British Museum.

128. Facsimiles of early charters from Northamptonshire collections [microfiche] / edited with an introduction and
          notes by F.M. Stenton.

129. Facsimiles of early charters in Oxford muniment rooms, by the Rev. H. E. Salter ...

130. Facsimiles of national manuscripts of Ireland, selected and edited under the direction of the Right Hon. Edward
          Sullivan, master of the rolls in Ireland, by J. T. Gilbert, secretary of the Public record office of Ireland; and
          photozincographed by command of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, by Major-General Sir Henry James,
          director-general of the Ordnance survey.

131. Facsimiles of royal and other charters in the British Museum ... Ed. by George F. Warner ... and Henry J. Ellis

132. Facsimiles of the creeds from early manuscripts. Edited by A. E. Burn, D.D. With palaeographical notes by the
          late Dr. Ludwig Traube.

133. Troparium sequentiarium nonantulanum. Cod. Casanat, 1741. [printed music] Luce litterisque descripsit
          dissertationem historicam addidit Joseph Vecchi.

134. Mittellateinische Texte: ein Handschriften-Le sebuch.

135. The Madrid codices / Leonardo da Vinci.  [medieval?]

136. check series: Late Medieval and Early Renaissance Music in Facsimile

137. Il Codice Rossi 215 = The Rossi codex 215 : Roma, Biblioteca apostolica vaticana : Ostiglia, Fondazione Opera pia don Giuseppe Greggiati : studio
          introduttivo ed edizione in facsimile / a cura di Nino Pirrotta.  [medieval?]

138. The Lucca codex : codice Mancini : Lucca, Archivio di Stato, MS 184, Perugia, Biblioteca comunale Augusta, MS 3065 : introductory study and
          facsimile edition / by John Nadas and Agostino Ziino [printed music].  [Is this one or two MSS?]

139. I manoscritti dell'Institut de France : edizione in facsimile sotto gli auspici della Commissione nazionale Vinciana e dell' Institut de France / Leonardo da
          Vinci.  [several MSS of da Vinci--any pre-1500?]

140. check series: Renaissance Music in Facsimile.

141. check series: fontes ambrosiani.

142. Il "Kitab-i Dede Qorqut"; racconti epico-cavallereschi dei Turchi Oguz, tradotti e annotati con "facsimile" del ms. Vat. Turco 102. [Is this pre-1500?  And what language is the MS in?]

143. Rime / Guido Cavalcanti. Ed. Ezra Pound.  [several different MSS?]

144. The manuscript London, British Museum, additional 29987.  [medieval?]

145. L'editto di M. Sempronius Liberalis / Silvia Strassi Zaccaria.  [medieval?]

146. Haggadah (Copenhagen Haggadah). The Copenhagen Haggadah: (facsimile). New York, N.Y.: Rizzoli, 1987, c1986. [medieval?]

147. Haggadah. The Kaufmann Haggadah. Facsimile ed. of Ms 422 of the Kaufmann Collection in the Oriental Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
     Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1957.  [medieval?]

148. The great Isaiah scroll (1QIsaa) : a new edition / edited by Donald W. Parry and Elisha Qimron.  [medieval?]

149. Greek Jewish texts from the Cairo Genizah / [selected and translated] by Nicholas de Lange. [facsimile? and medieval?]

150. Sefer ha-bahir : `al pi kitve ha-yad ha-kedumin / me-et Daniyel Abrams ; `im divre mavo me-et Mosheh Idel.  [medieval?]

151. The Sarajevo Haggadah / ...[introduction] by Cecil Roth.

152. Il Canon medicinae di Avicenna nella tradizione ebraica : le miniature del manoscritto 2197 della Biblioteca Universitaria di Bologna / a cura di Giuliano
          Tamani. [facsimile of whole MS/work, or just the miniatures?]

153. Codex Maimuni : Moses Maimonides' Code of law : the illuminated pages of the Kaufmann Mishneh Torah. [illuminated pages only, or whole?]

154. The chronography of Gregory Abu'l-Faraj, 1225-1286, the son of Aaron, the Hebrew physician, commonly known as Bar Hebraeus : being the first
          part of his political history of the world / translated from the Syriac [by Ernest A. Wallis Budge] with an historical introd., appendixes, and an index
          accompanied by reproductions of the Syriac texts in the Bodleian manuscript 52. [whole MS/work, or just selected facsimiles?]

155. Ein Bruchstuk manichaeischen Schrifttums im Asiatischen Museum : (mit einem Facsimile) / C. Salemann ; (vorgelegt der Akademie am 18. Februar/2.
          Merz 1904). [facsimile of work/MS? and medieval?]

156. The odes and Psalms of Solomon, published from the Syriac version, by J. Rendel Harris. [medieval? and full facsimile?]

157. The Book of the Himyarites. Fragments of a hitherto unknown Syriac work, edited, with introduction and translation, by Axel Moberg. With eight
          facsimiles. [facsimile complete, or selected?  and medieval?]

158. Epistola cum Libello Ackermann und Das Buchlein Ackermann : nach der Freiburger Hs. 163 und nach der Stuttgarter Hs. HB X 23 / Johannes de
          Tepla ; herausgegeben und ubersetzt von Karl Bertau. [Is this a facsimile only of the Stuttgart MS, or of both?]

159. Abu al-Qasim Khalaf ibn `Abbas al-Zahrawi, d. 1013. Der "Liber servitoris" des Abulkasis (936-1013): Ubersetzung, Kommentar und Nachdruck der Textfassung von 1471. Quellen und Studien zur Geschichte der Pharmazie; Bd. 37. Stuttgart: In Kommission, Deutscher Apotheker Verlag, 1986. [I think this must be a modern GErman tranlation of a 1471 Latin text. Is the facsimile of the Latin text?]

160. Search series: Codices e Vaticanis selecti

161a. The Gottingen model book : a facsimile edition and translations of a fifteenth-century illuminators' manual / edited, with commentary, by Hellmut
Lehmann-Haupt ; based in part on the studies of the late Dr. Edmund Will. [What language is the MS in?]

161b. Niedersachsische Staats- und Universitatsbibliothek Gottingen. The Gottingen model book; a facsimile edition and translations of a fifteenth-century
illuminators' manual. Columbia, University of Missouri Press [1972].   [This is a different listing--same work, different edition, or what?--and online entry seems to have fuller information: "Rhenish Franconian dialect" (of German?).]

162.  Lami`is Guy u Cevgan / [herausgegeben von] Nuran Tezcan.  [Languages listed as German and Ottoman Turkish. Are these both the facsimile languages, or is the German just intro, etc.?  Also, can I tell the date of these two MSS?]

163.  The music in the St. Victor manuscript, Paris lat. 15139 : polyphony of the thirteenth century / Introduction and facsimiles by Ethel Thurston. [Note says "parallel texts in English, French, and German"--is that just the commentary, etc.?  The facsimile must be in Latin, right?]

164.  Two Greek magical papyri in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden : a photographic edition of J384 and J395 (=PGM XII and XIII) /
edited by Robert W. Daniel.  [Medieval?]

165.  Heinrich Wittenwiler, Der Ring : in Abbildung der Meiningen Handschrift / herausgeben von Rolf Brauer, George F. Jones, Ulrich Muller  [What language is the facsimile in?]

166.  Gesta Gregorii Peccatoris / Arnold von Lubeck ; Untersuchungen und Edition von Johannes Schilling.  [Is this a MS facsimile?]

167.  New language category, Prussian (Old Prussian), a vocabulary or glossary in Old Prussian and German (date?): "Kind of an answer to the Elbing Vocabulary question: Prusu kalbos paminklai, ed. Vytautas Maziulis. Lietuvos TSR Mokslu akademija centrine biblioteka (Vilnius, 1966).  The Elbing Vocabulary presents some thorny problems, even on the German side, or maybe especially on the German side; cf. James W. Marchand, "The German Side of the Elbing Vocabulary," in Baltic Linguistics, ed. Thomas F. Magner and William R. Schmalstieg, Pennsylvania State Universtiy, 109-19 (1970)." (Jim Marchand)