Toward a New Order:

The Rise of the Catholic Church, Germanic Culture,

and the New Christian Kingdoms, 450-800 CE


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The Baptism of Clovis,


 King of the Franks

Pope Gregory the I,


Creator of the Papacy


768- 814

Holy Roman Emporer


Š     How did Latin Christendom represent a fusion of Christian, Roman, and Germanic cultures?

Š     How was this fusion cemented in the alliance between the Church and the Germanic Kingdoms?


Key Terms

1) Justinian                                              5) Charlemagne  

3) Clovis                                                  6) Carolingian Renaissance

3) Pope Gregory the Great                      7) Treaty of Verdun

4) Charles Martel & The Battle of Tours


I.  The Legacy of the Roman Empire


o  Justinian (527-565)

o  Hagia Sophia 2 3

o  Preserving Greco-Roman Culture:  Learning and Law


o  The Germanic Invasions


o  Kinship/Private Law to Public Authority

o  Persistence of the Warrior Ethos


II.  A New Germano-Christian Order (450-814)



o  The Conversion of Clovis (496)

o  Pope Gregory the Great (590-604)

o  Charles Martel (676-741) and The Battle of Tours (732)


o  Iconoclasm and the Great Schism (1054)



o  Pepin the Short (714-768) and the Church


Š      Charlemagne (768-814) and His Empire

o  Medieval Europe’s “Great Man”