The Rise of Classical Greek Civilization:

Historical Context, Politics, Society, and Wars




Ancient Greece and the Western Historical Imagination: Did the Greeks “invent” Western Civilization?



Key Terms

1) Polis                                6) Solon and Cleisthenes

2) Areté and Hubris            7) Idiōtēs

3) Helots                              8) Pederasty

4) Ephors                             9) Hetairai

5) Hoplites


I.  The First Greek Civilizations and the Origins of Classical Greece


Š     What social, economic, and cultural conditions already present at the beginning (800-700 B.C.) of the Classical period shaped the subsequent evolution of Greek civilization and culture?




II. Sparta and Athens: Two Models of Greek Politics and Society


Š     What historical conditions led to different social and political systems in Sparta and Athens?

Š     How did Athenian democracy develop between 700 and 450 B.C.?









III. Patriarchy and Sex in Ancient Athens


1) How was society ordered in Athens?  How did gender shape that order?



2) How did Athenians understand sexuality? How did sex itself shape Athenian culture and society?