Wednesday, September 29, 2004

"Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist 9/29/04

Here's the list for today....

I enjoyed the show. Especially, the requests for more blues cuts. That's always nice...You know that you have a knowledgeable audience out there when your requests are for Sonny Boy Williamson, Junior Kimbrough, or Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown.

I'll also tell you that I'm really a big fan of the "Foreign Exchange" LP....Great stuff from Phonte of 'Little Brother' and DJ Nicolay. They exchanged music files, and they recorded the album without ever meeting one another. Is this the future of remixes and hip-hop?...

I also like how I'm ending up my sets lately. I'm ending them with artists, who played on SNL during the 70s....What do you think? Hit me back with your thoughts.

Miles Davis - Circle In the Round LP - Side Car I
Clinic – Winchester Cathedral – Anne
Lee Perry – Dub Revolution
Kaze – It’s On
The Starlets – You Don’t Love Me
Elmore James – Happy Home
R.L. Burnside – See What My Buddy Done
Secular Steel – Henry Kaiser – Ahoy Sonny
Blues Brothers – B Movie Boxcar Blues
Dennis Brown Presents Prince Jammy- Guidance
DJ Vadim – Theme from Conquest of the Irrational
Del Tha’ Funky Homosapien – Caught a Bad One
(Request) Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown – Gate Walks to the Band
Sonny Boy Williamson – Stop Breaking Down
Faun Fables – Sleepwalker
Lars Horntweth – The Joker
Kid Loco (DJ Kicks) – Om Nama Shivaya
David Nzomo Trio – Nzembelukye
Jimmy McGriff – Chris Cross
Booker T. & The MGs – Be My Baby
The Foreign Exchange – Raw Life
Leak Bros.- Got Wet
Syl Johnson – Different Strokes
Wayne Horvitz & Zony Mash – With the Space on Tap
DJ Cam – 6 Sense
Kelis – Milkshake
Donald Byrd – The Uptowner
Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Adieu to Montreal

Tough loss tomorrow coming our way from "Up North"....

The Montreal Expos are going to be relocating to D.C. This is a tough for a 70s starchild. Because throughout the late 70s and early 80s, Montreal was the place to be for baseball. Ah yeah, you had the Dodgers eeking their way through between 76-78 and 81, and yeah you had the Cards running shop in 82 and 85, but who can forget the outfield that the Expos put out day after day in the early 80s? Warren Cromartie, Tim Raines, and Andre Dawson....

The shame of this move is that the city of Montreal loses a valuable tenant in Olympic Stadium. The city supported the Expos for years until the strike-ridden season of 1994, which cost the Expos a shot at the postseason that would have undoubtably generated interest and revenue for the team. Baseball ended up funding the team for the last two years. But instead of funding salaries and pilfering the Expos every year for their talent, the MLB should have created a intern program by funding up and coming marketing and PR executives to help re-establish the game in a tremendous city. What a choke! Baseball has to blame themselves for this move, and do you really think they're going to do that well in D.C.?...Do the Senators ring a bell?

In honor of this fateful demise, here's my all-time Montreal Expo team. I think I'll do fairly well going up against most of the all-time teams....Seriously.

2B- Jose Vidro - Don't forget Raines came up a second basemen. If you're uptight about this, I can also go with Rodney Scott, but I'm going with Vidro's heart and bat.
RF - Andre Dawson - A lot of people would pick Vladmir Gurerro, but "The Hawk" not only dominated at the plate, but he was at the top of his game on the turf. People forget about his speed. Starting right fielder. No question...period.
CF - Tim Raines - Yes, I like Marquis Grissom, but c'mon...On that Olympic Stadium turf....Speed, baby...Speed.
LF - Larry Walker - Even though he was a RF mainstay, I'd move him to LF, and I think I would do fine. Plus, the fact that he's a Canuck made people love him in Montreal. The Canadian was incredible during the strike year of '94 , and people still talk about how they probably would have won the pennant with his bat that year.
SS - Orlando Cabrera - Seriously, I love his glove up the middle. And speaking of great gloves, how about Tim Foli?
3B - Larry Parrish - Mainstay at third throughout the 70s and early 80s. Great bat, good glove, and he could hit the long one. I liked his longevity.
C- Gary Carter - Perm and and white cleats in a MVP performance at the '81 All-Star game. Carter was the best catcher in baseball from '78 to '83. What more can you ask for?
1B - Tony Perez, Al Oliver - Okay, both players predominately spent their careers with other teams, but fuck it....And fuck Andres Galarraga, I'm going to platoon these two at the end of their careers. Look at the leadership you're going to have with those two in your clubhouse.

SP - Randy Johnson - Yeah, he was wild, but at that time his pitches were crazy heat, and by the end of his Expo career, he was ON.
SP - Mark Langston - People forget the year that he had in Montreal, the crafty lefty was hella nice.
SP - Steve Rogers - #1 ace...And if not for Steve Carlton, he probably would have won a Cy during his career.
SP - Pedro Martinez - Yes, the wacko one rounds off a helluva rotation with that one. It's a shame that he couldn't have stayed there. Look at this rotation...Sick.
RP - Jon Wetteland - Tough one...Because I always thought the lack of a fireman killed them. But when Wetteland was in Montreal, he was nice- nice.
PH - Rusty Staub - One of the best pinch-hitters of all time. I have to have the great red head's bat ready at all times.

USA Today's Hal Bodley has a great article today posted on Yahoo! He bids farewell with a look back at Olympic Stadium, the Cromartie, Raines, Dawson outfield, Bruce Jenner...I still say that the red, white, and blue hat was one of the dopest ever. That hat was impossible to get back in the 70s....

Montreal '76,

Monday, September 27, 2004

"The KO"...A Flashing Sign

Jamaica's and Miami's Glen Johnson stunned the boxing world on Saturday night....Check out the scenes in the fight from the Miami Herald's, Santos Perez....Johnson's brilliant temple-ringing punch not only flattened Roy Jones, but it also floored me as well...

Roy Jones Jr. is my generation's best fighter. Yes...after 1989, we had to find a replacement for "Iron Mike"....However, during HBO's telecast of his title fight, Jones's cock-fighting defense style was a far-cry from his style that established his reign of domination during the late nineties and early OOs.

The 2004 version of Jones, which chooses to go toe-to-toe with a puncher or a brawler, does not fit his diminishing physical skills. What made Jones great was his quickness, not his power. Throughout Jones's career, he moved around the ring with cat-like defensive poses that resembled the roosters at his homestead in Pensacola. His stance resembled a martial artist not a boxer. However, without that quickness to avoid long punches and short swinging jabs to the body, he has to absorb the punches and jabs that come his way. That style makes Jones a brawler....A fighting style that makes Jones just plain average.

What did it?...The jump in weight to 200 lbs. to fight John Ruiz? Could be...For Jones to fight in the heavyweight division, he had to pack on extra girth to pad the extra-strength blows that would come from upper-weight class fighters, and he had to taper his speed down in order to gain more power in his punches. However, to blame his diminishing performances over the past twelve months upon his fluctuations in weight is a little too simple for me.

Let's look at the other things that Jones has going on. From the heavy promotion of his crew's newly released CD, to his attempts at crossing-over to music, to his sponsorships with EA Sports and Brand Jordan, it seems that his interests in competing with the best in the ring has gone a long way since he fought Montell Griffin years ago. Was his time totally devoted to keeping his skills sharp? Also, when you really look at the last couple of years of his career, his fights with Antonio Tarver were really the most competitive and challenging fights that he stood up to take on. So, can you blame it totally upon the weight? Probably not....

For me, it was tough watching RJ fall. It was different than his KO from Tarver. My feelings while watching him lie in the ring like a corpse were the same feelings that I felt about a year ago standing in 'La Res' in Chapel Hill looking at bright-faced eighteen year-olds on a lonely night out on the town....Yes, we all get old....Watching one of Generation X's best go down cold was hard....Not only did it make me realize how fleeting physical skills are in life, but it made me really realize that there is a constant...We all get older and we all will fall.

But what makes you stand firmly in the wind of change, is how do you adapt to aging....

It takes a rare athlete to hang it up when the tank is on warning light. As we witness year-in and year-out with most athletes, we will probably see more of Roy Jones because he won't be able to give up his mercurial "baddest man on the planet" title. A title that is based on street reputation that is still recognized by people who are nine beers in while wearing nylon Air Jordan sweatsuits in Wizards colors. But hopefully, that won't be the way our Champ goes out.

In the meantime, let's spill a sip on the floor for a fighter, who was probably the best skilled fighter since Sugar Ray Robinson, and for over a decade, was pound-for pound the best fighter in the world.


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

"Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist 9/15/04

I actually like the set chunks that I threw into today's show....

I hope that you enjoyed them. I'll leave them on my home-page until next week. Here's the list. What's up with Frank Francisco throwin' that chair in Oakland? Dude, you need to chill...

Donald Byrd – Dixie Lee
Mr. Holmes & The Brotherhood –
Wheedle’s Groove LP – Thrift Store Find
Qunicy Jones & Bill Cosby – Hikky Burr (MixMaster Mike Mix)
Leak Bros. – Got Wet
Cutty Ranks – The Stopper
Julie Doiron –
Last Night
David Zuomo Trio – Latitude
Lee Perry & The Upsetters – You Funny
Little Walter – Rollin’ and Tumblin’ Part I
The Gris Gris – Raygun
Booker T & The MGs – Bootleg
B.B. King – Don’t Answer the Door
R.L. Burnside – Look What My Buddy Done
Quincy Jones – Guitar Blues Odyssey (From Roots to Fruits)
Young Jazz Giants – Yenne
Dub Syndicate – Cuss Cuss
BLO – Don’t Take Her Away From Me
(Request) The Cure – 100 Years
Mastodian – Blood & Thunder
Public Enemy – Can’t Do Nuttin’ For Ya’ Man
Kaze – On
Ol' Virginia Soul LP - Terry Sinclair –
What Have You Heard
Gary Wilson – Debbie Debbie
Dick Walter – Silhouettes – Dusty Fingers LP
Truth Enola – Take You to a Place
Funky Gems LP – Funky Snippet #2
Steely Dan –
Gaucho LP - Babylon Sisters

September has become National Hurricane Month over the last decade. Will the sun ever shine again for three consecutive days?

Pickin' it up,

Monday, September 13, 2004

UNC Football..."It's Over...It's Over"

Fellow asylum mates,

It takes a lot to swing my support for someone, but that was one of the most embarassing losses that I've seen while following UNC to the basketball drubbing of UNC @ Maryland during 2001....My regards to the football program right now....In Vince's words. "It's Over!...It's Over"

I loved this observation from Stevie D...."Seems that this all started when Mack left before the bowl game. if he had waited to make his announcement, the universe might be different."
I agree wholeheartedly. Mack put the pins on us with that announcement that day. If he and Texas hold off until after the bowl game slots are filled. We're in the Sugar Bowl that year with national recognition. And with that, who knows what could have happened? I always thought that we got our foot stuck while sneaking out of the close! It's also the reason why since that ill-timed announcement, I could never respect any conversation of how good of a guy Mack Brown is.

But that's long gone news...

Right now, I don't know who or what it will take to revitalize the program. With Miami in the conference and the rise of Va Tech's, North Carolina recruiting prowess, it's going to take a major head coaching talent with a garagantuan amount of energy to not only lift the program but the culture surrounding it. When you really think about it...Who could do it? Maybe the Def. Coordinator at Georgia? But c'mon they need someone that has head coaching experience...right?

Looking at Mack Brown as a replacement... I hate to say it, but he came a lot closer than you think to pushing UNC football to an equal level as hoops....But that's done...If Mack ever came here for a return or wherever he goes after Texas, he's damaged goods. Personally, I don't think he's going to get out there alive. And whether he's out of there soon as a loser or much later as a winner, he's going to need a lot of downtime to raise his Qui back. That job is kicking the hell out of him.

As for right now, we're back to the final year of Dick Crum level....

Way Under Water,

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Bosnians Honor "The Dragon"

Ahhhh,....College football returns. Did you guys see the Irish upset Michigan? How about the South Carolina/Georgia game? Incredible...Just as incredible is how bad the Heels blew dog today in Charlottesville.

With my brother's wife in labor right now with Ella Jane Dougherty, I'm waiting on some good news to hit me up on my Samsung....

So, to cut the drama a bit. Here's a little info that was sent over to me by the legendary UNC-Chapel Hill alum, Sinatra devotee, 70s philosopher, and disco-ball owner, Doug "The Dougster" Heye. Heye now resides in Winston-Salem. One of these days, I will be getting him to guest-host on the radio show soon.

Bosnians to build statue of Bruce Lee

SARAJEVO (Bosnia-Herzegovina): In Bosnia, where one man's hero is often another man's villain, some citizens have decided to honour a man Serbs, Croats and Muslims can all look up to – kung fu great Bruce Lee.

Photo: Bruce Lee Foundation

Lee is best remembered for single-handedly taking on dozens of bad guys in a series of kung fu flicks. But the statue of the Chinese action hero in the ethnically divided city of Mostar is intended to remind people of Lee's lesser-known values – “loyalty, friendship, skill and justice,” said Veselin Gatalo, a writer who helped come up with the idea.

Lee played in a series of Hong Kong films in the early 1970s that propelled him to stardom first in Asia, then Europe and eventually the United States.

His Hollywood debut came in 1973 with the hugely popular Enter the Dragon, a box office success Lee never lived to witness. He died of a swelling of the brain a month before the film hit US theatres. He was only 32-years-old at the time.

But can a monument to a karate-chopping, high-kicking B-movie star unite Mostar, a town that was both physically and psychologically scarred in Bosnia's 1992-95 war? Even now, Roman Catholic Croats and Muslims still live apart, sending their children to different schools, watching their own television stations and cheering for rival soccer teams.

“Lee is a true international hero and is a hero to all ethnicities in Bosnia and that's why we picked him,” Gatalo said.

Bosnia's war killed hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Croats and Muslims and left the country divided into a Serb republic and a Muslim-Croat federation. – AP

This proves that the name and legacy of Bruce is enduring....

Push, push, push...,

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

"Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist 9/8/04 And....

Gloomy and rainy outside...A tough Carolina day, but I was back at the head of the motherboard at WXYC today. Here's the playlist from this morning.

U-Roy & Hapeton Lewis – Tom Drunk - 200% Dynamite
509-E Soudades Mil – Brazilian Guide to Hip-hop
½ Japanese – My Concentration, Oh No
Jimmy McGriff – Where It’s At (Edit)- LP So Blue So Funky
Meetin’ Here – Curts Amy/Paul Bryant – LP - So Blue So Funky
Guru – Cave In
Hangar 18 – Mult. Platinum Debut Album- Saved by the Breezy
Volcano The Bear – Track #5
Flaming Lips – LP Telepathic Surgery – Chrome Plated Suicide
Travis Biggs - Tibetan Serenity (1976) - Dusty Grooves LP
Jimmy Smith – The Cat
Freddie Hubbard – Weaver of Dreams – Ready for Freddie LP
Doc Watson & Chet Atkins – You’re Gonna Be Sorry
Boy Trouble/Garpax Girls – Getting Out of My Range
Ruby Winters & Johnny Thunder – Make Love to Her
Gregory Isaacs – Getting Out of My Range
Dennis Brown Presents Prince Jammy – Guidance
Truth Fenola – How’s It Gonna Be
3rd Bass – Product of the Environment
Dexter Gordon – Where Are You?
Carbon Gilacier – Ice Bound Stream
Gwem “ Mosse” – Master of Percussion LP
Toon Tunes- Hong Kong Phooey
Gift of Gab – Ride On - LP 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up
Paul Simon – Slip Slidin’ Away

I chose 'Slip Slidin' Away' to end the show because of the weather. However, my real image of that song is a montage video that was put together on a CBS NFL Sunday show of Walter Payton when I was a kid. This is one of my Pops' favorite tunes. And every time I hear that song, I think of him and Walter Payton on a dreary Chicago afternoon. That song is tight...

Nice Read for you: Check out this link to today's New York Times article, "Decks and The City", by Glenn Collins. For those of you, who are not aware of the plague scourging across urban metro areas across the country, Home Depots and Wal-Marts are destroying the fabric of small businesses in inner-ring cities.

It's a terrible plague, and Home Depot has finally got it's roots into Manhattan with the intro of a new store in the Chelsea District. My bold call...Now the issue will finally come into the mainstream now that the main purveyors of the media and culturally cool are going to see how 'Big Box' stores economically monopolize an area....Sad. Say good-bye to the locksmiths, hardware stores, and independent tool shops in Manhattan...Bye Bye.

Stay Dry,

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Ayyy, Fantasy..."Fucce..."

The smell emanating from my "McCauley St. Bandidos" fantasy football draft on Monday night made me squeal like Cheech..."Ay, Fucce Capesta"....

Believe me, my draft was a green one, and not "green" because I made a rookie mistake. 'Green' because my fourth and fifth selections were just putrid.

I started off the ten-man league with the ninth selection out of ten teams. Most fantasy draftniks know that's tough slot to be in. You don't get what you want in the first round, which is so important, and you end up having to reach on a pick in the beginning of the second. With that in mind, all backs went 1-8. From Priest Holmes to Shaun Alexander to Jamal Lewis...right on down the line, which left me a pool to select Marshall Faulk, Fred Taylor, Kevan Barlow, and Dominick Davis...Yeech.

So, I bucked the system and shocked the world....I selected WR Randy Moss, who is a great player. Yet, I can't fucking stand to watch the guy night in and night out because he's a whiny, wacko, blunted out stoner, who I just can't stand behind. But fuck it right? I went for him and Kevan Barlow with the second pick. Barlow is fine but he was not the guy I wanted because I was too chicken-shit to gamble and push-up on selecting Rudi Johnson with that pick.

Although people have soothed my pain by saying that Moss was not a bad selection with what I had offered to me, but hat put me in slight panic mode to find a second back. So, what did I do....I then took a guy that I really wanted badly as a #2 receiver with Chad Johnson, which probably was a botch becuase it grew the panic for a second back. And that's when the bungle happened...The noose grew around my neck, and what's fucked up is that I'm the one who put it there....I took RB Chris Brown from the Titans as my fourth.

What's so bad with that? Brown is going to the Titans #1 back, and he had a good preseason. He also had a great career at Colorado, and Titans love him, but I didn't listen to the heart.

I gambled that my QB hope, Trent Green, would be there at fifth selection. He was my 'sleeper' pick last year, and I rode him to the Finals. Sure enough, he goes four picks ahead of my fifth round selection, and I'm left naked without a QB....Damn Yahoo! timed selections and random draft orders...More importantly, why did I puss out and not take him fourth! Believe me, I will be psychoanalyzing myself for that move for three weeks....

After that explosion, I went for a third back to soak up the wound. I may have reached too far, and I went with rookie RB, Kevin Jones. You guys have no idea how sick to my stomach I was at this point because that left me with a QB option of Marc Bulger, Chad Pennington, Brad Johnson, and Jeff Garcia....Yeech.

Well, I figured those guys were TV dinner selections, and wouldn't be touched until later rounds. So, I sucked it up, and I think I did fair with my last few selections. I rounded out the team with...K Mike Vanderjagt, TE Alge Crumpler, QB Chad Pennington, Carolina Panthers Defense, WR Michael Johnson, and two back-up QBs with Brad Johnson and QB Rich Gannon.

Out of those picks, I'm happy with the K and the back-up QBs, and I mean the lowly-rated Gannon with that one.

The good news is that I have the second selection on the waiver wire. So, if you have any tips on who to claim on the waiver wire. Let me know.

Here are this year's and this week's starting McCauley St. Bandidos. I'll release my other team's picks at the end of the week.

QB Chad Pennington - NY Jets
RB Kevan Barlow - SF 49ers
RB Chris Brown - Titans
WR/RB Kevin Jones - Lions
WR Randy Moss
WR Chad Johnson
WR Kevin Johnson
K Mike Vanderjagt
DEF Carolina Panthers

Nice, but not thrilling...This will be the year that I will master the art of the trade.

Draft advice: Don't panic and go with your heart....The most important selection is that fourth round pick. Don't fuck it up!


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

"Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist 9/01/04

It felt good to be behind the mic, and the cobwebs are cleared from the control board....

Well, I manned the board of WXYC from 8-10AM today. Like the PBR Street Gang, I pushed it full steam ahead. A few glitches were in the set, but I'm not going to be so hard on myself. I discovered a reissue of Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby's Original Jam Sessions from 1969 that is straight up ILL!...If you can get it, jump on it. It's dope...dope...DOPE. You should be able to pick it up at Dusty Groove America.

Here's the playlist for "Fifteen Feet and In" on 9/1/04:

Miles Davis – In A Silent Way
David Kilgour – A Head Full of Rolling Stones
Lightin’ Hopkins - I Would If I could
Grant Green - Ease Back
Windsor For the Derby - We Fight Till Death
Malik Favors, Yesterday’s New Quintet - Dayscape
Koola Lobitos - Ola Fe Mi
Homework 101 - Rentals
Luther & Toby – Hombres & Machos
Joe Cuba – El Pito
Tatsuya Nokatani Solo Percussion – Gallery Notes
Paul Simon – 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
The Roots – You Ain’t Fly
MED (feat. Erykah Badu) – Special
7L & Esoteric - Loud & Clear

Booker T & The MGs – Hip Hug Her
Paul Brody Sadwi – Basketball Bar Mitzvah
Howlin’ Wolf - Who’s Been Talkin’
Stick Shift – The Trashmen
Nervous Norvous – Dig

Kay Adams – “Little Pink Mack”
Dusty Grooves LP - Gerhard Treade & His Electronic Instruments - Signals
Wayne Shorter – Barracudas
Fawn Fables – Hela
Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby – Hikke Burr (Feat. Kincaid Kinfolk)
Stevie Wonder – Big Brother

What a sight...

Source: AP Photo

Hikke Burr,