Thursday, October 28, 2004

Phil on the Circuit

Man, am I swamped with papers, projects, and proposals...God damn bruddah...Whew!

Well, here's a short article by Marty Burns on about Phil Jackson stating that he'll never coach again....From all of these comebacks over the past few years, I want to say that it's in stone, but I'll believe it when I see it. Remember after he left Chi-Town?...Yet, from past interviews over the last few weeks, it looks like Phil is angling for a GM job, which I think he would be phenomeonal at, but I don't think there's a owner that will relinquish the power to him.


I always believed that last year burned Phil out. The changed personalities of players just are neither team-oriented nor inspiring as years past, and if you're a coach that leaves you as a high-paid counselor or baby-sitter for under-age millionaires. That's not an enticing field to be in during your starlight years.

So, if Phil does hang them up...My wishes are due....I told you that he would be perfect on the corporate circuit.

The Condor shall rise again,

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

For you UNC Hoops Junkies

Here's a posting that I threw on one of my favorite YahooGroups of all-time..."HeelHoops"...Damn, when they're on, they throw some good stuff up there.

There was a lot of banter about not liking Coach Williams and recruiting. So, I threw back a posting. You should be able to follow it...Email me at, if you want to banter back at me.

I wanted to drop some daps to some people for their posts...

"The Davenport Dirt" - Damn...You got the dirty on Bynum...I liked it a lot. I am 100% in agreement with you on your thoughts on this one.

"Bynum is one loss I can't blame on Coach W or the UNC staff or the reputation of the program or MM or anything else we could fully control."

I had a more than a few people that said he was staying East this year. I'm still hoping...big-time hoping...that it falls through, but I dont' think it's going happen on Wednesday. I may be off-the-wall on this one, but after Hansborough signed, I actually wanted Bynum more than Richard Hendrix.

"94" - I'm with you on this vintage quote...

"He's probably scared to death he'd come to Carolina and have to wear pink legwarmers and twirl around in front of 15,000 people."

That "Late Night with Roy" is getting not only way 'herbed out', but way played out. I like Paul Hewitt's way of running a practice the next day. Considering that Roy is one of the inventors of "Late Night with Roy", I think it's going to get goofier and cornier....Yeech...

"Uche Echefu" - Nice spec...I haven't heard much on the guy, and I've never seen the guy play. But thinking about it, are we so sure that we have to jump on just anyone? I'm hoping that we hold out for Brandan Wright or Lance Thomas next year. I would love to say go after Vernon Macklin, but I don't think we're going to do it because the cyborgs are going to get to him in the camps this year.

Also, someone from the past help me on this one. I remember someone posting on the list once that Stu Vetter and Coach Williams don't have the warmest of relationships in the world.

Gots to roll, and keep it hot...To Brother Ned, I stil have one leg over the fence..."never ever..ever, ever!...I'm going to be here for fifteen more years...They'll bury me here."... That scar still stings bruddah...

Gerald Henderson Jr.,

Sunday, October 24, 2004

WXYC "Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist 10/20/04

Thanks for the heads up to Malcolm who said I didn't post my playlist in my blog. My apologies are due. So, here it is.

Yes, my man, Malcolm...Rashad should be kow-towing to everyone right now. I am in full agreement. I have a good one coming your way. Be on the lookout...Also, check out Malcolm's stand-up routine at The Cave on Tuesday night in Chapel Hill.

"Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist

Miles Davis – Little Church
Yuka Honda – When the Monkey Kills
DJ Zeph – Organ Eyes
Foreign Exchange – Nic’s Groove
Booker T. & The MGs – Time is Tight
Albert King – Heart Fixing Business
Barbara Stant – I’m Going to Outfit Your Baby
Stanley Turrentine – And Satisfy
Velvet Underground – Some Kind of Love
Ustad Faiyaz Khan Sabib – Nanyea Se
DJ Cam – Doctor L
Subtle – f.k.o.
Ben Allison & Medicine Wheel – Tectonics
Tom Scott & The LA Express – Bless My Soul
Al Green – Your Love Is Like the Morning Sun
Brian Wilson – Surf’s Up
The Frog Tape – Stray Cat Strut
3rd Bass –
Triple Stage of Darkness
Wolf Eyes – Reaper’s Song
Stetsasonic – Go Stetsa I
Public Enemy – Shut ‘Em Down
The Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band – Spreadin’ Honey
Matthew Shipp – Galaxy 105
The Meters – Joog
Libretto – Volume
Albert King – Killing Floor
The New Dimensions – Bongo Shutdown
Doobie Brothers – Minute by Minute

Oooh..I like it like that,

Whew...What a Saturday night...

Yeah, today was a kicker...

A full day at Julian's...I saw some great people today. A cool couple from D.C., two kids from a high school, and former UNC basketball walk-on, Webb Tyndall, who is doing alive and well in 'Green Vegas', Greenville, NC. Nice day...

Tonight was wicky-wacky. I helped DJ Hell's once-a-month party that is hosted and DJed by fellow WXYC DJs Tim Ross and Todd Ito. Nice grooves were played and a helluva lot of ass-shakin'. Yo, that girl with the strapless shirt and the mod hair-do...You are foin'!

I'll check in with a bunch of articles tomorrow to start off the "SportsRap" discussion. I think this series is going to be real strong, but you know what....I'm going to go with the Cardinals in 7. I like their vets and their middle relief. I know the loss was heavy, but my head says they have heart.

Hey, I hate to tell you so, but I stuck everyone with my Ruben Droughns pick in both of my fantasy leagues. The load from Oregon is a killa'...Check out this article from's Greg Garber...."It's the system, stupid."

See you tomorrow....I need some winks.


Friday, October 15, 2004

Squeeze Radio Show

If you're up on late on Thursday nights and early AMs on Fridays, check out WKCR 89.9 FM in NYC and on

It's a great show, and it's hosted by DJ Jer2 and Timm See. I would compare it to a new four-hour mixtape every week. Be sure to check it out. Funny, how many radio shows are online now. Yet, the true future is satellite radio, people...Why? Because it's not FCC controlled. They have subscription fee money, and they have not only great technology, but an avid following among people, who have money. They have the money to install the systems in their cars for their travels.

Just talk to the travelling salespeople out there that are putting tons of road miles in their company's Crown Vics or Buick Regals....I'm telling you people...It's the future.

Yo, what's up with the annoying bearded Marc of Marc Jacobson's Chevrolet getting a promo on TV11 during tonight's Midnight Madness...That shit is wack. He at least needs to have a jumper before he steps on the Smith Center floor.

This is a great quote..."Recording in a studio is like building a ship in a bottle. Playing live is like rowing a boat in the open water." -- Jerry Garcia

Or this one..."Jazz is the only music in which the same note can be played night after nightbut differently each time." -- Ornette Coleman

Happy Listening,

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

"Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist 10/13/04

I have to say that I'm pretty spent right now. I've had an eventful week...Papers, radio shows, dinner w/ Alexander Julian. Yes, Carolina fans that Julian....I'll let you in on more of that in a bit. Soi, here's the playlist for October 13.

I need something to eat....

Kenny Dorham – Who Cares (Alternate Take)
Josephine Foster & The Supposed – Who Will Feel Bitter at the Day’s End?
Sonic Youth – Hits of Sunshine
DJ Krush – Pretense
No Categories – Jack Contanzo – Bongo Jam
King Jammy – Radical Dubber
The Ex – Prism Song
B.B. King – No Good
Ahleuchatistas – Lee kyang Hae
Des Ark – Bellafea
John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat – I Got My Eyes On You
The Beat Circus – Mandalay Song
R.L. Burnside – Bird Without a Feather
Dennis Brown Presents Prince Jammy – Unoja
10 Ft. High Ganja Plant – Shine Dub
Terrence Blanchard Quintet – Mo’ Better Blues
Libretto – Volume
Mory Kante’ – Djou
Hook n’ Sling Meets the Funky Superfly – Bump n’ Touch
De La Soul – Church
Foreign Exchange – Brave New World
Sam & Dave – Soothe Me (Live)
Stevie Wonder – That Girl

Seriously, thank god for a break. I need to get refueled.

I'll be back shortly.

Stay Dry,

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Rodney and the "Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist 10/07/04

Now that was a solid show....What did you think of Eddie Drennon & The BBS Orchestra?...Nice dig, huh?

Before I put up the list today. I want spill a sip on the floor for the passing of comedic legend, Rodney Dangerfield. Without a doubt, one of the last great lounge lizards has moved on, and no one worked a lounge or stage like him. The New York Times gave some great final words for him. Did you know that he started his comeback career in his 40s? Check it out.....

A major regret of mine is that I never visited Dangerfield's on 49th St. for a stiff drink and late night act. Truly, one of the last great comedians that used everyman deprecating humor has paassed. Here's another great article about the dying breed of comedians called "The Last Clown in His Class " from Michael Ramirez of the New York Times...My only hope is that Don Rickles holds on because I need the laughs.

I don't know about you, but whenever I hear Rodney's name, I think of Ben Davidson growling "Rodkneeee" in those Miller Lite commercials of the late 70s and early 80s....Rodney, much respect...this ML is for you...

"Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist 10/07/04

Cannonball & Coltrane – You’re A Weaver of Dreams
Blueprint Project – Monkey
Johnny Lytle – Minor Soul – So Blue, So Funky LP
Gary Wilson – Debbie, Debbie
Libretto – Volume
Audio Two – I Don’t Care
Guided By Voices – Girls of Wild Strawberries
JukeBoxer – Banj
Willie Bobo – No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach’s In)
Lou Donaldson – Turtle Walk
Rodney Dangerfield – I Don’t Get No Respect
George McCrae – I Get Lifted
Subtle – F.K.O.
Nels Cline – Eagle Rockers – Secular Steel
Lee “Scratch” Perry & Junior Marvin – Police & Thieves
The Mice – Downtown
Little John – Version City Rockers – Give All the Praise
Eugene McDaniels – Lovin’ Man
LL Cool J – I Need A Beat
Upsilon Acrux – Night of the Goblin
Ike & Tina Turner – Nutbush City Limits
Eddie Drennon & The BBS Orchestra – Do What You Gotta’ Do
Albert Collins – Listen Here
Joe Tex – Finger Popped Myself into The Poor House
Intimate Strangers – Love Sounds
Stevie Wonder – I Wish
Steely Dan – The Fez ahm...,

Friday, October 01, 2004

Playboy's iPod Tips

Clearing out a lot of magazines this week....Out with the old...In with the new....

As I've mentioned before in this place, I am a pretty big fan of the 'Playboy Interview' articles that come out each month. After finishing off the 'Google' interview with Sergey Brin and Larry Page, I found this little tidbit that I thought would be helpful to people, who have the same iPod knowledge that I have. That means your knowledge is plug it in and import files from a CD.

Well, after learning that Duke's undergrad freshmen received free iPods this fall....Ahhhh, private education at it's finest....I'm a firm believer that if you want to keep pace in this game, you better get surgical with the tools that you have. So, here's some tips from Playboy on how to customize your iPod.

1.) Software from will turn your iPod into a PDA that can synchronize your calendar, contacts, and e-mail. The program can also view Word documents.

2.) Your iPod's portable hard drive 9used instead of flash memory) enables you to store a version of Mac OS on your music player. That means you can use your iPod (but not your iPod Mini) to reboot your computer (as long as it has a FireWire port).

3.) If while scrolling through a friend's iPod you happen upon a Celine Dion...(or Nelly)....track, switch the language to Korean (assuming your friend isn't fluent).

I actually like that one...

I'm headed to work tomorrow at Julian's. My color skills are getting nice-nice people. Be careful...Click, Click....I thought this was a cool comment from Andre 3000 about fashion in this month's Wired Supplement written by Jancee Dunn and Robert Love.

"I hate to go to a party where everybody looks the same...When you're looking at the world now, pretty much everybody pays a lot of money to look like they don't care. So there needs to be somebody who really cares, who pays attention to detail."

Care about your threads y'all....You never know who you're going to run into.