Wednesday, November 24, 2004

"Fifteen Feet and IN" Playlist 11/24/04

Tough one today with the gray skies, rain and fog...But we got through it, and we're going to keep on going!...So baccdahellup!

Here's the setlist. I dug up Willie Hutch's 'The Mack' from the Soundtrack section. What a great album, and thanks to Bill Burton on the album cover review. Yes, that movie is terrible, but the beats are classic...Turned on to Sun Ra, and I think I'm going to delve into some Sun Ra research. I dig 'Moon Dance'.

Also, if you're into scenic tunes, pick up 'Tracker'. It's a soundtrack for a comic book that has been released on video. Pretty cool stuff, and I need to check out the comic. That Flurry Part 2 track is dope...dope...dope.

On to Terminal 5A,

“Fifteen Feet and In” Playlist 11/24/04

Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra –
Moon Dance
Machine Drum - $$Legs
Rob Sonic – Death Vendor
Red Garland Quintet – Our Delight
Chris Bowden – Only Angst
Tracker – Flurry Part 2
Abstract Truth/Sounds for Cool Heads – Moving Away
Douljah Raze – New York City/Virginia 12”
Willie Hutch – Slick
Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention – Andy
Soft Machine – Day’s Eye
Otis Rush – I Can’t Quit You Baby
Lost Sounds – Your Looking Glass
Lateduster – Hospital No. 32
Augustus Pablo – Love Theme
Man Man – Zebra
Carla Thomas – Pick Up The Pieces
The Perceptionists – Memorial Day
DJ Krush – Final Home
K-OS – Man I Used To Be
Gold Sparkle Trio w/ Ken Vandermark – ‘Burg Girl
John Lee Hooker – No One Told Me
Jamiroquai – If I Like It, I Do It
Ice Cube – It Was a Good Day
Toon Tunes – Magilla Gorilla Show
Willie Hutch – Brothers are Going to Work It Out
Stevie Wonder – Too High

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

"Fifteen Feet and In Playlist" 11/17/04

Good stuff today...I came in from the cold, and I kept it nice and mellow for you. I hope that you enjoyed the show. I really dug that Ray Spiegel Ensemble...Very cool tabla playing. Also, be sure to check out "The Bettye Swann Collection". If you're looking for a classic R&B voice to soothe your day, Bettye is your girl...
Let the Good Times Roll,

"Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist 11/17/04

Miles Davis – Right Off
Les Georges Leningrad – Missing Gary
Tabla Beat Matrix – Zakir Hussain
Ray Spiegel Ensemble – Dream Time
Keith Jarrett – Flying Part I
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Cannibal’s Hymn
Antennas Erupt! – Ropache
Koko Taylor – Let The Good Times Roll
Mike Brooks – Money
Dennis Brown – The Truth
Jedi Mind Tricks – On the Eve of War
Del Tha Funky Homosapien – Dr. Bombay
Uncle Woody Sullender – Papa Help Me Across
Isacc Hayes – Never Can Say Goodbye
Bettye Swann – Closed For the Season
Greg Davis – Diaphonus
Rob Sonic – Dyslexia
The Perceptionists – Memorial Day 12”
Main Source – Hangin’ Out
Parliament – Testify
Dirty Dozen Brass Band – Reprieve
Jungle Brothers – Jimbrowski
Spandau Ballet - True

Stay Cool,

Monday, November 15, 2004

Bad Cover

You know everyone is talking about how bad Ron Artest's choice of timing and words were...

How about that album cover that he kept sticking out his car window?

That cover looks like a flyer I got the other night in Durham for a party called 'Sweet and Nasty' at a sugar shack in Few Gardens...How about instead of asking for extra time to promote it, how about spending an extra two hundred dollars for a better photo...Damn, that cover was b-o-o-t-y.

Good article today from USA Today's Media Mix column by Peter Johnson about how the media whiffed by the heartland's views in the election. Although the people interviewed like to say that they didn't whiff because of their partisan views, I would like to agree, but I really believe there may be validity to the fact that the producers and talk-show hosts didn't want ot leave the action of the city in election months....Seriously...How often did you see a road-show talk show to see what the country's views are....Forget liberal or conservative media bias. Talk-shows and news shows are just getting plain lazy.

Do you think those producers like hitting the campaign trail in the middle of summer and fall in states like Ohio, Iowa, and Nebraska? C'mon...

Melvin Scott, The Collezion...'Straight up Thuggin''...O.D.B...I still remember the Wu-Tang/Rage Against the Machine show that he didn't show for...I never got to see him person, but that mf made me laugh with his tunes...Nice and raw...Thank you.

I have to get to class,

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

'Playas' Ball in Memphis..Aww Siitt

This is one of the most hilarious police reports that I've ever seen emanating from a renegade program...It may be up there with Kenny Brunner and Avondre Jones beating a fellow Fresno State student and holding him hostage with a samurai sword...

Thanks to Pete McEngert from for this #9 selection from his 'Ten Spot'...Also, nice eye to my man, Tola, who webbed this out....

While the University of Memphis men's basketball squad won an exhibition game on Saturday night, four players had their campus apartment burglarized. According to the original police report, the players were robbed of $66,720 worth of possessions, including eight mink coats worth $40,000. By Monday afternoon, a university spokesman said the report had been amended. Instead of eight minks, it now said that nine fur coats "of some description" and two fur purses were taken. Those items were worth $3,600, and the spokesman said they belonged not to the players but to a friend...The original police report also included $2,500 in diamond earrings, $4,000 in custom-made shirts and $6,000 worth of shoes.

Chillin' at the Holiday Inne',

Thursday, November 04, 2004

WXYC Bandwidth...Check it!

With WXYC celebrating it's feat of becoming the first online radio station to be streamed online, the swashbucklers at WXYC put out this special limited edition compilation for WXYC listeners. Check it out...You can also download these tunes from WXYC.



A Compilation of North Carolina Artists

RELEASE DATE: Downloadable November 7, 2004 FREE from

WXYC-Chapel Hill, the student radio station of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was the first radio station in the world to simulcast its radio signal on the internet. On November 7th, 1994, WXYC's webstream went live 24 hours a day; and ten years later we're commemorating that event in grand fashion.
Foremost among the anniversary activities is the release of Bandwidth, a collection of exclusive tracks enthusiastically donated to WXYC by 23 of today's finest North Carolina recording artists. The main idea in creating this anniversary compilation was to use the internet to celebrate our internet simulcast, and thus the music, cover art, and liner notes are all downloadable for FREE from the WXYC website.

Like WXYC's free-form format, Bandwidth features a fluid range of music spanning a multitude of genres. From the throwback, high-energy rock of Black Taj (featuring two former members of Polvo) and Jett Rink to the subtle electro of $tinkworx and Jacuzzi Brothers; from indie pop (Audubon Park, The Sames) to avant-garde jazz (Micro-East Collective) and hip-hop (Spectac & Median); we're proud to sign our name to this CD. Bandwidth also features legendary Piedmont blues guitarist Etta Baker, as well as tracks from Merge recording artist Shark Quest, recent Yep Roc signees The Moaners (the new band of Trailer Bride's Melissa Swingle), and former Polvo and Helium member Ash Bowie's Libraness.
We are also honored to bring you a song from a live performance by Protean Spook, a recording moniker of Randy Ward (Metal Flake Mother). Randy passed away in 2004, and we dedicate Bandwidth to him. 23 North Carolina artists representing the diversity and vibrancy of the local music scene and WXYC.

Features music by current or former Merge, Touch and Go, Rounder, Bloodshot, Yep Roc, Tigerstyle and Bunker recording artists

Downloadable for free from, complete with cover art and liner notes
Limited-edition retail version also available from

Downloadable for free from, complete with cover art and liner notes
Limited-edition retail version also available from

WXYC 89.3 FM CB 5210 Carolina Union Chapel Hill, NC 27599 USA

Is it Me?...

Is it me, or can anyone in the Southeast, much less in the City of Charlotte, get up for the Bobcats?...I'm sorry, but Bob "Irkel" Johnson's team is just straight up booty...

I'm sorry, but their unis are mainstream, their name is booty, Emeka Okafor is damaged goods, and they're touting Gerald Wallace as one of their mainstays of the team. Two words...Jason Kipono.

Plus, they're trying to attract angry and burned fans. After the Hornets and the NBA left the city with their pants down, do you really think that fans are going to pony up for season tickets and personal seats licenses like they used to. Believe me, this may not work. I watched the growth of the Hornets with a passion. In '87, Charlotte was pumped because the NBA signified that the city was hitting the big-time. Now that the city has made it to the the big-time with the banking industry and other industries, that wanna-be big-time vibe just isn't at that same level anymore. The NBA is played out, and everyone knows it.

Plus, I can't believe that fans are going to come back for more of the NBA's marketing campaigns and shoddy play...Also, remember this is ACC country....

When I look at what I'm arguing about. It's really not the Bobcats that I'm ranting on...I think it's the NBA. After I saw the Fu-Manchued wizard from LeBron's Nike commericals behind the Cavs bench tonight, I really think that the league is too blown-out...Call it "The Attack of the Killer Herbs"...I'm telling you...they cornballed the League out...I can't believe it,and for hardcore fans, I really think they shot the golden goose.

No Access - By the way, I noticed a good point by Mark Cuban today. He stated in the Sports Business Journal that the reason why he didn't install wireless capabilities in American Airlines is for the purpose of avoiding the conflicts that would arise if someone spilled a beer, coke, or mustard on a laptop or PDA...Good point.

The right choice? - Four years of One-Way Conservative policies melted with cheese and the Bobcats as the Saturday night entertainment on SportsSouth in the winter...Professional life in NC...Where do I sign up? Another thing, how does this administration meet the demands of the agricultural worker in NC...really, how does it?


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist 11/03/04

Good show today...I thought that I would send over a special set to the ladies over the airwaves with the songs surrounding Bettye Swann's song...Damn, that woman from Muscle Shoals could bring it...

I liked the last five that I put together. I was a little in tune to Marvin Gaye's political vibe on "Let's Get It On", but after I gave it a serious listen in the studio today, it was very eerie....So, if you're a little down about the election and you have the Deluxe Edition of "Let's Get It On", push the selection to "You're the Man".

With the Kerry concession today, that's a great tune to listen to...It funny how the same issues were playing in '73. The cycle has definitely come full-circle.

Here's the list for today...Enjoy, and feel free to drop me a line for a LP info, or where to buy selections.

"Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist 11/03/04

John Coltrane – Lonnie’s Lament
Josephine Foster & The Supposed – All the Lovers Are Gone
Gamela of Central Java – Modes & Timbres
Eric Dolphy and Booker Little – Number Eight (Potsa Lotsa)
(Request) Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – He Wants You
(Request) The Kinks – Picture Book
Mix Master Mike – Marvel
Jedi Mind Tricks – Before the Great Collapse
Muddy Waters – Honey Bee
(Request) The Smiths – A Rush and A Push and The Land Is Ours
Nimo Jazz Minsole – Waytime Aya
Ethiopiques #5 – Tekla Tesfa Ezghi
Beans – Blind Driver
Carla Thomas – Pick Up The Pieces
Bettye Swann – (My Heart Is) Closed For the Season
Good Girls Gone Bad – Shake a Leg
De La Soul – Days of Our Lives
Lateef & The Chief – Best of Me
Tom Waits – Hoist
Del Tha Funky Homosapien – Catch a Bad One
Juke Boy Bonner – A Distant Feel
Stevie Wonder – Jesus Children of America
The Meters – Cardova
Marvin Gaye – You’re The Man
Steely Dan – Kid Charlemagne

Livin' in a One-Way World...damn,