Tuesday, December 21, 2004

My HO on Firefox

A little belated, but here's a great article on Firefox from from Randall Stross in Sunday's New York Times...

Since my intro to Firefox from my boys at iBiblio...kudos to Fred Stutzman...I've been hooked on the open-source browser. The speed is nice, and I'm liking the fact that my PC is less susceptibel to viurses and other tracking devices.

Another advantage is the tab feature that allows you to view multiple pages from one browser opening. However, I did make the mistake of keeping about five tabs open on one page, and I finally realized that the tabs were slowing my connection down. Despite my mistake, I often find Firefox downloading pictures fairly easily. So, there goes another thumbs up for the free browser.

The only disadvantage that I found is that the browser times out or even sometimes acts fairly slow in downloading images from time to time. Yet, with these safety measures in this browser, as Gary Schare, Director of Product Management for Windows, states in the article, the phenomeona on Firefox usage is like buying the new model of a car. As Stross likens, 'the very latest model is not a 2001 Internet Explorer, but a 2004 Firefox'...that's dope.


Monday, December 20, 2004

Where do you want to be?..."Alive"

I don't know about you, but if you saw last night's 60 Minutes feature on Ricky Williams, you have a special treat in your 'life skills' goody bag...

Here's a short recount of what happened during his interview from Harvey Slaklov of The Florida Sun Sentenial. I have to hand it to Ricky because he's doing what he wants. He had a great response for Mike Wallace's question and statement that he cost the Dolphins the Super Bowl and the success of the season by stating he doesn't believe he owes anyone an apology for retiring "from that lifestyle."

You have to admire his frankness about how views people's judgments. "If I can find a reason to apologize then I would love to apologize,...What if I disagree? Do I still have to apologize that I cost them their season?...I played my butt off. I played as hard as I could whenever I put that uniform on...I moved on. So when is it OK for me to stop playing football? When my knees went out ... my shoulders?''

The bottom line is that people including Wallace, who introduced the story as "weird", are not trying to comprehend the obvious...That Williams is an enlightened individual, who is living in not only the present moment, but also living on the edge of life by seeking his personal quest. He is seeking to find out 'who he is'...Is that wrong, and should we pummel him for that?

Think about it, it is his life...Shouldn't he be the one who controls it, and is free to do what he chooses. Also, he put his choice where his heart is. Think about if he played half-ass, the Dolphins probably would have had the New Orleans Saints' version of Ricky Williams that did interviews with his helmet on not the All-Pro Ricky Williams, who ran like Earl Campbell with speed.

Now, are their consequences for Ricky Williams's choice?...Yes, he's is going to be owing some serious cash, but to Williams the loot doesn't mean anything to him anyway because he belives that the loot brings nothing but problems and limits to his life. So, why be upset about his quick decision.

This is a guy who is living a healthy lifestyle and is seeking to find out 'who he is'...When asked if he does any thing harder than marajuana, he says "sugar"....That's a man, who is learing what it's all about.

What hit me the most is Ricky's reply to Wallace about where he sees himself at 50...."Alive".

That's what I'm talking about....


Saturday, December 18, 2004

BAPE Opening

I've been waiting for this one to happen...It was only a matter of time for the freakers...

I'm talking about the BAPE store opening in Soho a couple of weeks ago. Check this article out from Lola Oguinnake of the New York Times on Nigo and the new opening of the store on Greene St.

I'm still a purist...Perhaps that's why you'll never see me in a pair of "knock-off" dunks...;) Now I know they look tight, but you read how I feel in my Sneaker Freaker article on my website... There's nothing like the originals.

However, I am a huge fan of BAPE's minimalist store designs and it's marketing techniques to create a buzz around it's designs. BAPE has created a buzz around it's product like no other by making limited designs and putting the product in the hands of "connectors"...that's an ode to Malcolm Gladwell for you...

I thought a great comment on Japanese culture came from Nigo when he stated why he loves living in Tokyo. "In Japan, I get influences from America and Europe — the best of both worlds. That's Tokyo style." It' amazing how the Japanese rock American fashion...I've always stated that the ways that the Japanese wear denim and T-shirts are like the ways that Europeans wear suits...Tailored fits and with the love of details. The Japanese fashionistas know their shit...I'm telling you.

In ten days, I'm strutting on Greene St. for the observations. Check back in with me for more details.


Friday, December 17, 2004

Look what I Found...

I stumbled across this speech from Kevin Roberts in a speech to the Tuck MBA Program at Dartmouth. Check out this paraphrased speech..."Emotion in Motion' from November 2, 2004. I'm actually read over this again. He makes some great points.

Especially with his 'Calls to Action', that I have listed below. If there is a theme that I have to work on right now, it's how to deal with loss and failure. It's all about how you bounce back the following season...Right kid?

1. Pursue Failure - Avoid moderation. Be hot, or cold, but not lukewarm. I've always ignored warnings against enthusiasm. Fear and caution strangle ideas. As Ice Hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky once said "you miss 100 per cent of the shots you don't take"!! So be in over your head. Don't be afraid to lose because then - and only then - will you know what you're made of. You discover your limits when you crash up against them. When you experience failure you bounce back harder and smarter. Just remember, a genius is a person who makes the same mistake. Once!

2. Fall in love with ideas - Knowledge is a table stake. Ideas make stuff happen. Act like a technician or expert and that is how you will be treated. Act like an ideas person and the world will open up before you. I work with ideas and ideas people all the time. Saatchi & Saatchi is global but we don't play the usual global game. Marathon manuals and meetings. Endless consultation. Bloody nightmares. Instead we focus on the ideas that make a difference.
In my business great ideas are killed every day by market researchers. I call them the research vampires. For all their percentage point certainty, they are still baffled by emotion. Trying to work out what consumers want through better data gathering, tighter segmentation, sharper data mining adds up to more analysis, not better understanding. The vampires can track brain waves but not big ideas or deep emotion, because they don't have them. Usually.

3. Follow your heart - Feel it, don't just analyze it. Scary? Sure, but that's the way to make the best decisions. When my head bullied my heart I've made mistakes.
In all things you do, stay open to love. Once you accept the power of Love a whole heap of stuff drops neatly into place - or right out of the picture altogether.

#3 is a clean-up hitter, and I'll go with #1 as a theme to recognize throughout the rest of '04.

Callin' Out to the edge of your Town,

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Long Time No See...

My apologies are due...A lot of things have been going down lately, and let's just say..."I'm back!"

So, what's been up? Well, I completed my iPod Critique this past week. It's actually quite nice. I may put it up on the front page of the info site for your Christmas shopping needs. Check out the 'Critique' if you're looking for one. Hopefully, my tips will help you out.

Finals are over, and SportsRap is off for Break...Check back in on Jan. 16. I have a special guest or two lined up for your SportsRap listening pleasures.

Hey, what did you think about Charlie Weis at ND. At first, I was put off because I thought he may have some problems with recruiting. I watched first-hand the difficulties that John Bunting had at UNC with his first year in the recruiting game, and it made me think how tough it is for NFL coordinators to adjust to the NFL. I was also put off my his lack of head coaching experience.

Screw all of that crap....Ws bring recruits, and Weis talks the game that Catholic High Schoolers and blue-chippers from the Midwest, Pennsylvania, and Ohio loves. If he can grab a foothold in those states again, he's going to be a winner.

I also dig how he's talking about bringing a winning attitude to a team that went 6-5. That's bold talk...More importantly, he went to school there, which I believe is huge, because he understands the school's and the alumni's culture. That's very important.

Yeah, he didn't play college ball at ND, and he may not look the part. But the fact that he's not only a winner as a major influence of the Pats, but he's worked his ass off to get to this moment. Also, we may not be taking into consideration that because he wasn't a player, he was able to observe the game from different perspectives....Just an idea there for you to chew on.

On a personal note, I'm chilling at iBiblio now, and I'm having more fun working than I have in five years. These guys are filled to the brim with knowledge, and keep checking in....I'm feeling a strong comeback to the City and Sales in '05.

Don't say that I didn't warn ya....;) I'll be back with a show next week, and I'll be back with more posts. Sorry for the squeezin' the Charmins....Staying away too long has been soft, soft, soft....

Firmin Back up,