Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Frank Deford on 'Duke Hating'

Stop hatin'...It's not my type of program, but I'm not so 'Johnny Carolina' that I don't give respect where respect is due...That's why I also don't hate on Duke until the month of March or unless I need something to bitch about...

So, here's a good NPR feature from the deboinnaire of sports writing, Frank Deford. Spend three minutes here to listen to Deford's description of how much people hate Duke Basketball.

Great call from Deford that winning breeds hating...Although I still hold my belief that there's a gallon full of condescending snobbery that surrounds Duke supporters ...My only request is for them to realize that basketball history didn't start with the birth of ESPN.

But for Duke haters, you have to add respect to your emotion potion surrounding Duke. The same respect that seems to go with contempt garnered for the Yankees, Lakers, Canadiens, or the Princetons of the Ivy League history lore.

Respect is due...But before you think I'm giving away my love...Mark my words. UNC Basketball is going to own Duke's ass in the second half of this decade...

Tywon Lawson,


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