Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Uniform Dregs

I know mish-mash culture is in....But damn, did it have to cross-over to uniform design?...

I stopped by the UNC Bookstore today to check on a few gift ideas. What I love to do is to check out the NIKE section to see what designs are in for the teams this year.

However, I was blown away by the booty...yes...BOOTY....new uniform re-design of the classic UNC Basketball uniform.

I know the reasons for why? But how Nike screwed up one of the greatest uniforms in college sports? I do not know, but they did. So, put the Julian classic in the closet...It's now old-school. Now, it's all about slashes, dashes, and annual re-designs for the new generation. Ridiculous...

But what could you expect?...Coach Roy Williams and Kansas were notorious for the worst unis in college basketball throughout the '90s with their Apex ONE looks...Does anyone remember? I'm sorry, but I was never into the whole red and blue flame look with black shoes....Damn, that was slow. Like Eric Chenowith slow.

So, have fun watching the Olive Garden-like unis tonight against Illinois...Why Olive Garden-like, you ask?...Because the unis will be grouped together with UCONN, Arizona, Duke, and whoever else is hot at the moment (ask Cincinnati) as part of the NIKE Elite design package, which will be just brutal.

This is a knock-out for the tastefully unique...You're just another program...;)

Tastefully Yours,


Brian said...

I agree. I went to the game last night and both Carolina and Illinois had the ugly silver patches on the shoulders. Ugly.

7:22 AM  
IronDog said...


You're right on point...What's up with the high-shoulder cuts? Since when does the WNBA look constitute a solid design for a classic uni?

I stand by my case...Booty.

I'll have more for you.


11:07 AM  

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