Thursday, December 01, 2005

Ferry Family Business

I know a lot about family business relationships, but here's a good on-court family relationship that's been surrounded by a lot of successful people over the years...

Check out David DuPree's USA Today article on Danny Ferry, and the work Ferry has been doing as the new GM for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I always knew Ferry's pedigree would push forth eventually in the NBA. Danny Ferry's dad, Bob, played for the Baltimore Bullets and was a helluva GM for the Washington Bullets where he was a two-time NBA Executive of the Year in '78-79 & '81-82...(The Sonics that ass in '79..;))

In a look back, I've been intrigued by Danny Ferry since his days at DeMatha. I always thought he would have been an incredible player...not that he wasn't at Duke...but at North Carolina. I know his final decision was between Duke and UNC. However, I've heard that he was lined up for Duke because of his father's past relationship with Coach Dean Smith...Now that's a rumored statement, peoples...Don't quote that on me!

(With that said, if you do know why he didn't go to UNC, drop me a line...Hey, where's Art Chansky when you need him?!)

Enjoy the article...He's got a ways to go in Cleveland.

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