Thursday, January 27, 2005

This Podcasting Thing...

My work at iBiblio is allowing me to scan sites like crazy...Plus, how many places can you get your head bangin' to GZA's 'Liquid Swords'...huh?

I checked up on the blog 'Random Culture', and I was thrilled to see that MTV legend, Adam Curry...Yes, the man and former MTV VJ, who pimped MTV out of set up Check out his site. This is very interesting, and it could hit. Check out this article from, and keep on the lookout.

Also, great move by Branford Marsalis and Jeff "Tain" Watts. Check out this article from the Charlotte Observer reporting that Branford is going to be the artist in residence at NC Central for the Spring of '05...Very cool move...Now if I get him on 'SportsRap'.

Tonight, I'm hitting up Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings at the Cradle...This should be a great show...Check me out beforehand at Carrburritos. I'll be there around 9:30 for the Asados w/Guacamole.

Pushing Up,

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

180 Degree Throwback

Here's a Nike Air 180 Fun Pack that I picked up from 'Cool Hunting' today...The site is just straight up...ILL!

I'm digging the chance to relive my memory of the 180 by funking it out with some new colors. But my only memory of the Air 180 was that it was absolutely one of the worst performance shoes in the history of Nike running. The shoe was damn awful for me...The cushioning was like running on granite...

Well, take a look at this pic. I was partial to the clean whites with a red quarter and a blue swoosh. They actually looked smooth after a good dusting after a few good milers were put on them.

Thanks to Nike and the SneakerHeads out there that created the demand...They threw me back on this one...And kudos to the 180 site.


Chicago Auto Show '78

Monday, January 24, 2005

Numbers Game?

Talk about a winter chill-down with the weather. So, what else is there to do on a winter weekend in the Hill, but to catch up on my media...

I still have my ties in San Francisco, and I caught this interesting article on the wacky ship of fools that make up the San Francisco 49ers. Check out this very good article by Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle about the new front office philosophy instituted by 28 year-old, Paraag Marathe.

I knew that it was only a matter of time before the statisticians and MBAs would infiltrating other sports with their statistical methods and deviations. Yet, before I throw my punch of judgement against the use of stats in football, I do remember that I was hesitant to adopt "Moneyball" philosophies before I read Michael Lewis's book.

My feeling now is that stats can only go so far in judging talent in sports other than baseball. Baseball is the perfect statistical game, but I'm just not buying it in other sports due to the amount of lack of situations that can be measured by stats.

For example, is there really a direct measure if a offensive lineman misses his block on Jevon Kearse? If the OLineman does...does it really tell you about a guard's lack of blocking ability? Or does it really say that Kearse has great speed? Or does it say that the fullback missed the pick-up when the ball was snapped? Or does it say that Kearse really was put in place to pick up the tight-end by his defensive coordinator?...Do you see what I'm gettin' at?

I have to write Dr. Z...

If I had to choose my football leadership, I probably would go with the advice and knowledge of Bill Walsh and John McVay than a Stanford MBA, who has never been in a locker room...Just my hunch...

I also liked this article on the wacky cases of iPod droning by Kayleen Schaffer of the New York Times....Check out "Entangled by Ear Buds, and Other Musical Mishaps". Good read on how people are missing their train stops.

Sad to see Johnny Carson go...Pound for pound, can you say he is the greatest comedian of all-time? Why...When you look at the nightly pressure that he had go through, it's tough to imagine that anyone can come up with punch-lines and interviews every night for 30 years...I would love to see that golf swing one more time...

I went to Charlotte on Friday night, checked out 'Blue'...Not a bad place...Nice jazz troupe and the cocktail girl has that thang...You are foin' girl...Nice spot to chills.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005


I'm chompin' at the bit with all of the reports of online ad sales booming again...I got to get back in there...

With that tangent thought out of my head after looking at Yahoo's fourth quarter earnings report, I think you should take a look at what's been going on in Phoenix.

The Suns have a new owner in Glen Sarver. I've always been an 'old-school' type of guy. I liked the style of Jerry Colangelo for a long time, and I'm not the biggest fan of the 'locker-room jock-hanger' new school owners...However, I have to give credit to this guy. He definitely comes from another planet...Greg Boeck had a great article on Sarver yesterday in USA Today, but their 'Search' function was a little messed up, and I couldn't pull it for you. Hit up USA Today, and see if you can find it.

But here's a great article on Steve Nash in today's NYTimes by Liz Robbins. Nash has done a phenomeonal job in Phoenix, and Mark Cuban is licking his sores this season with the loss. To defend Cuban, he thought Nash's playing style would deteriorate because of the physical pounding that comes with his style of play. Good argument, but it's painful right now...

To be truthful with you, after reading this article, Nash is one of the last guys that I'll support in the League...Seriously.

Stevie "Nice-Nice",

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Notes from "Fifteen Feet and In"

Alright, alright, a little late with the playlist today, but here it is. So, check these cuts out...Damn, it was cold out this morning...

My tips from the show...Pick up the Wayne Jarrett Showcase Vol. 1. It's a very chill reggae collection that can be played at any time. Very good re-release from Wackie Records. Pick it up in your local underground music shop. 6 Cuts that are well worth their price.

I also liked the new 7" from Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings. She's coming to the Cat's Cradle on January 27, and you can bet your ass that I'll be there for that one. The group is out of Brooklyn, and I'm going to definitely try to show up at as many shows possible when she is playing in the NYC.

Also, "Shhh, Peaceful"...C'mon you had to like that cut with the cold that was out there...I have to admit that I wasn't a mid-sixties Miles guy until I was convinced by my good friend in San Francisco, Clark Richardson, to delve into it. Since my immersion three years ago, I've been comfortably placed into that period for life. That means...Yesss, you snobs in the listening library, "In A Silent Way" is an all-time Miles classic.

Also, we just picked up a nice two guard/small forward, William Graves, from Dudley High "Do or Die" in Greensboro...Public School at it's finest...I'm thrilled for this kid because his Pops me brought into the dealing with the "Big Life" by always putting me on the men's board for the after 5 teams at the Central Y in Greensboro...Yes, you had to have game for those...You raised a good one "Boo"....

Here's another good note for Carolina fans...'Boo' never loses...You know that's in the DNA...Welcome to the Hill, William Graves...Now go bust Greensboro Page's ass...

So, here we go with the list....

"Fifteen Feet and In" - 1/19/05

Miles Davis – Shhh Peaceful
Manuel ‘Guajairo’ Mirabal – Mebote’ de Guano
Trembling Blue Stars – Open Skies
The Wynton Marsalis Quartet– Knozz-Moe King
M.I.A./Diplo – Galang Feat. Lil’ Vicious
Wrangler Brutes – Adjust It
Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings – How Long Do I Have to Wait for You
Chris Joss – Drink Me Hot
Koko Taylor – I Don’t Care Who Knows
Phil Ranelin – Vibes from the Tribe
Blenders – Nothin’ But A Party
Low The Great Destroyer – California
John Scofield – Green Tea
Wayne Jarrett Showcase Vol. 1 – Brimstone and Fire Vol. 1
Gregory Isaccs – All I Have is Love, Love, Love is Overdue
Jan Dukes de Grey – Call of the Wild
Yesterday’s New Quintet – Suite for Weldon Irvine
Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers – Shake Your Moneymaker
Lee Fields – Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do)
Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together
Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue
Stevie Wonder – Jesus Children of America

Be like Stevie,

Monday, January 17, 2005

Cores from "Notes from the Lab"

Here's a few Apple cores leftover for you that I posted on iBiblio's "Notes from The Lab"...

First off, I thought Randall Stross hit up a good point on the value of "cool" in his 'Digital" Domain' column "After 20 Years, Finally Capitalizing on Cool' in yesterday's New York Times. Stross hits a good point that Apple has cornered the market on 'cool', which is so hard for companies to attain for their products.

Second, the article hit me a bit because I believe that if you don't have the attache' of "cool" within your product line, yourself, your company, it is awfully hard to produce it. You need to have it within your culture. If you have it in there, no matter what slumps that your company, you yourself, or group may endure, you can always access it.

If you haven't developed "cool" over time, it can be hard to make the shift to 'cool' when you need to access it to launch that new product, stage in life, or conversation that can take you to the next level.

I liked this comment that Stross grabbed from Paul Saffo, the research director of the Institute for the Future, "hipness is the only asset that matters." I also liked his description of the Apple v. Microsoft comparsion.

"Apple is well positioned for the future...The company that is in a word, cool...Apple has 6.4 Billion in cash, a seemingly small sum next to Microsoft's $64 Billion. But it is Microsoft, the poor little rich kid, who must be envious of Apple. All of the billions in its coporate treasury, all of the personal billions of the co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen, all of the money in the world, cannot buy the ability to fathom the metaphysical mystery of cool."

I agree that Microsoft has the loot, but I liked that analogy because it supports the better opportunities that Apple has for long-term growth. Now, Is "cool" that valuable?...

Well, if you look at the $295M profit in it's first fiscal quarter compared with $63M the year before, I would say that the "cool" attache definitely works. However, with the buzz on the iPods and Desktops hitting the mainstream, the question now looks like it's going to shift to how do you maintain "cool"?

Second, here's a great review of the iPod Shuffle from Danny Evangelista of the San Francisco Chronicle on SFGate....Evangelista is upset about the lack of a visual screen and a touchy switch, but he's a fan of the 512MB, the design, the "touch" navigation system, and most of all the price. Check it out...


Friday, January 14, 2005

3 Stripes for Team Zissou

Everybody is bangin' on the Team Zissou shoe...

I'm digging them. I love the colorways on the stripes. They remind me of an Adidas Jabbar model, but I don't like the grips on them. I picked this up from today's USA Today...Check out "Steve Zissou's cool shoes prove tough to fill" by Susan Wloszczyna of USA TODAY.

The demand on the shoe is causing a frenzy right now among the sneakerheads. Check out Josh Rubin's great blog "Cool Hunting". All of the so-called marketing gurus are hitting up his blog instead of doing their research, which looking at what people are wearing in the street!

Also, check out this New York Times article by David Pogue on the new "iPod Stick"...It's going to be called the iPod Shuffle, and it's going to be priced between $100-$150. It's pretty dope, and it should fit into your shorts well when you're working out. Only 120 songs now, that means you need to work on those playlists.

Jabbar '77,

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Last Night's Notes from the Center

I haven't been able to get at the blog for a bit, but I'm back in the pool...So, let's see what splashes around...

Speaking of pools, I have the best set-up courtesy of my 500 Career Win friend, UNC Swim Coach Frank Comfort. How many people can jump in the pool for a quick swim, shower up, and then walk through the tunnel to see two of the top 5 teams in the country play...Not many...I got a good gig, and here's a major dap to Coach Comfort, who has hooked me up huge...That's my boy!

I did get to say 'What's up?' to Will "The Thrill" Bynum last night. My boy from Chi-Town didn't have that great of a game last night, but it's great to see an ABLA Homes kid on the floor of the Smith Center. People you have no idea where this kid is from. Believe me, every time that I see him play, I am amazed at how far that he's come. Now if he get some consistency on that jumper...Combine that with his quicks...ooohhh....

How about this article from the CBC Arts News about sending Bob Marley's remains to Ethopia? Do you really think Rita Marley is going to exhume the Legend's body, and send him home? Although the Jamaican Board of Tourism is stormin', watch out for a midnight-run of shovel play...Seriously...

Good sight...Charles Waddell roaming the floor with Brad Daugherty last night. I'm not a Baddour or AD hater, but that's my call as the replacement...just my call...nothing behind it....Just check the pedigree.

It's pourin' down rain right now, and I have to manage the new iBiblio blog. Check it out...It's called "Notes from the Lab." Then, I'm checking out the NC State/Duke game tonight. What the hell happenend to State? They were my dark horse this year.

Coming in from the Cold,