Thursday, February 24, 2005

"Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist, 2/23/05

It's definitely different playing in the PM...

But it's a helluva lot of fun...I played a lot of stuff from the Blues section, and I found a great vinyl record called 'SuperBlack Blues' with Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson, T-Bone Walker, and get this...Elvin Jones on Drums. Very tight line-up, and a great listen.

Be on the lookout for Big Pooh's new album. It definitely gets a thumbs-up, and check out the Quasimoto 12"...I like it.

Until next time...Here's the playlist. You can also check it out on my front page at

"Fifteen Feet and In" Playlist for 2/23/05

Jimmy McGriff – The Main Squeeze
Willie Hutch – Brothers Are Gonna Work It Out
Jeff Parker – When Did You Stop Loving Me?
Lonnie Smith – Scream
Various Artists/Hall of Mirrors – Circle
Dr. Octagon – Earth People
Quasimoto – Broad Factor
Master Musicians of Bukkake – Yellow Bile/Desperate Ground
Tabla Beat Science – Nafeken
Howlin’ Wolf – Red Rooster
Frank Stokes – It’s a Good Thing
Super Black Blues – Sail On
Koko Taylor – Come to Mama
Baby Huey – Hard Times
Dalek – Asylum (Permanent Underclass)
Public Enemy – Public Enemy #1
The Meters – Fire on The Bayou
Otis Spann – Blues Is a Botheration
Machito – Tanga
Brothers Johnson – Get the Funk Out My Face
The Soul Lifters – Hot, Funky, and Sweaty
Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster (Jammin’)
Crooked Fingers – Call to Love
Rapper Big Pooh – Scars
Paul Simon – 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

Main Squeeze,

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Check it out...Waxpoetics, Issue #11

Alright, alright...I'm going to get up on my own leg on this one...

I'm on the air tonight at WXYC tonight between 10PM to 12AM filling in for "Chapel Hill's Encyclopedia Brown of Music", Evan Davis. So, if you're checking in later on tonight, I'll have a playlist for you.

In the meantime, be sure to check out this month's Waxpoetics, Issue #11. My interview with former Def Jam publicist and Eyejammie art gallery curator, Bill Adler, is in this month's issue. So, pick it up here at Dusty Groove America...Chi-Town!...DGA's site is not only incredible, but their store on Ashland Avenue in Chicago is a music-lover's heaven...And do yourself a favor. Pick up a couple of albums for your collection.

After that...Put this on your coffee table.

It will definitely look a helluva lot better than your girl's 'Views of Cape Cod' picture book that she thinks makes you guys look 'cultured'...Isaac Hayes mackin' in the full-length fur while getting out of a gold plated Rolls...Gawd-Damn!...The diggin' crew at Waxpoetics know how to rip it...Have fun with it.


Monday, February 21, 2005

"He Stomped Terra"

One of the only good things from a writer's passing is that you get to read archived passages and stories from other writers about a passed life....And after losing Hunter Thompson last night, that's the only good thing with the end of this chapter...

I think the "He stomped terra." statement from HST's estate was a good one. The statement sums up one of the most innovative and last great masculine writers of the last century...Just plain whoopin' ass...I've always felt that reading a Hunter Thompson chapter or a passage from his 'gonzo' readings made me feel like I was riding on top of a wild elephant running down Van Ness Avenue...Raising hell and chuckling uncontrollably while doing it.

Yet, when I look at the way that Hunter Thompson went out, I'm not thrilled...A lot of people that I talked to today said 'What type of ending did you expect?', but to me there's a difference between 'not surprised and 'not thrilled'...And I do have to say that when a buddy reported that the hero behind the "Hey Rube" columns appeared in bad shape at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen a couple of weeks ago, I was anticipating the final chapter was coming soon...However, I just wish that I could have had a hang-out session with the 'Mad Bomber' to hear what it was like to infiltrate the Oakland Raiders headquarters in the 70s...I'll guess that one will have to wait for the next incarnation.

I don't know why I have been so captivated by his readings over the past few years...I do know that I love the fact that he considered himself a sportswriter before any thing else. And I have always been blown away by his ability to cover a wide array of subjects from hanging out with Defensive Tackle Tom Keating of the Oakland Raiders to reporting from the '72 Republican National Convention with the same style and passion for the bizarre.

His writing style was so personal that I always felt that I was experienceing a time long passed in a wacky time machine, and it looks like my wish of a conversation with him will have to wait for another time continuum. In the meantime, here's a great obit from SFGate...Check it out...The obit has some great stories. So, be sure to check it out.

Also, ESPN2 did a great job today with a tribute to his career. Editor Kevin Jackson tells a great story of a photo shoot a short time ago that allowed him to hang out with HST. In the article, Jackson also depicts the wonders of a HST voicemail...Be sure to click on the link. It's a good one.

On a personal note, my final end of reading great sportswriting is nearing it's end. Really, other than Bill Simmons, is there really a reason to hit up 'Page 2' every day? We lost Ralph Wiley this summer, and now we've lost Hunter Thompson. On my end, when I think about it, my two greatest influences in writing are now gone...In one screeching year, I lost he serious side of Wiley, who introduced me to Malcolm X and urban athletic blight, and I lose the insight the wacky and explosive world of H.S. Thompson. The past 12 months have been tough razorblades to chew on.


Friday, February 18, 2005

Copywriting thru Podcasting

Back in October, when I first heard about 'podcasting' from Paul Jones at iBiblio, who by the way, is still blown away by my conversation with Red Hat co-founder and owner of the CFL Hamilton Tiger Cats about CFL play...Hey, Dieter Brock was the "True Mad Blue Bomber"...After my conversation with Paul, I knew that it was only a matter of time before the ad world would start building brands through podcasts...

Well, Hit up Josh Rubin's Random Culture today. He has a great podcast from called "American Copywriter" from creative copywriters, John January and Tug McTighe, from Sullivan, Higdon, and Sink out of Kansas City...Check this out...Use Podcasting to build brands. These two get the podcasting idea, and they're on point. Listen to their Harley Davidson example. Great call fellas...


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Clang on the Retro

Great show on Sunday night, but I didn't get to talk about 'Clang'...

'Clang' is a very solid argument by Michael Sokolove of the New York Times, and I've been supporting anyone who says that the NBA doesn't have a 'thug' or a 'drug' problem but a 'ball' problem...Check out the article out here (Unfortunately, it will only be good for a week)...

Sokolove has been down on the NBA for a while, and I don't blame him. However, the arguments that he used have been mopped over gym floors across the country for the last half decade. So part of me asks..."Where the hell have you been?"

The funny part is watching guys, who depend upon the league for their press credentials stick with it. Check out Lang Whitaker's article on today...Your a birthchild of blog writing, Lang...But sorry the League is a dying animal...J.R. Smith, who would be a freshman this year, dropped 20 the other night...That's how bad NBA Basketball is today.

On a side note for Valentine's Day, I placed a complaint post up on 'Notes from the Lab' today because I couldn't get to the page yesterday...In Rudy Martzke's words from USA Today, talk about "a dreaded glitch"...

Well, Random Culture had a insightful article from CNET as to what went wrong with Hallmark's site. Check it out at here. Supposedly, their IBM servers couldn't handle the traffic, but I have to sympathize because most of the traffic was looking for a free e-card.

One only has to watch the line at free ice-cream cone day at Ben & Jerry's on Franklin St. to see how many people will show up for something given away for free.

80's night tomorrow night at the Smith Center for the UNC/Virginia game...A lot of people are going to be surprised by my opinion, but I'm kind of worn out of the retro 'throwback uni' nights in professional sports. So, I'm not thrilled with this. Hey, who would have thought that (a.) the Smith Center would have a promo night, and that (b.) the Smith Center would turn into 'Club Polyesther's' or 'Have a Nice Day Cafe'...Yeech.

All is well in fun, but don't &^%$ with our current design of our unis! I'm serious, you 'Marketing Gurus' from Warsaw at Nike Apparel...Don't mess with the argyles and colours.


Friday, February 11, 2005

Surfin' the Hill

Maybe it because I was watching how many 'Polo Rugby' bags were flying out of 135 E.Franklin today, but how cool would it be to have this scanned?...

I picked the bar-code up from Josh Spear's blog,urbanSPY. The code is from Damn those Japanese know how to freak it...Keep on the lookout.

Speaking of great moves...Ralph Lauren opened up the 'Polo Rugby' store on Franklin St. today...The place is incredible. The store development team at Polo really knows how to 'brighten' a retail spot up. Watch for bright colors and team rugby shirts all over the Pit on by next Thursday.

Undoubtedly, that place had more buzz around it than a new bar opening...Kudos, to the sales-kid, who rocked sweatpants with a sweater, tie, and croc loafers...That's a tight look kid , tight look...You're ahead of the game.

RL's price points are right in-line with the market in Chapel Hill. Now, can they keep that traffic coming in over the next five to seven years? That's a question...Regardless, that store could be an anchor for Franklin...Hit me up with an email to debate.

The Heels will be back on Sunday afternoon at 1PM on CEEEEBSSSSS. Big break for the Heels…Rashad Anderson, UConn’s leading scorer, is out for the game with a swollen abscess on his right leg. This is a must win for the Heels, but does Duke alum, Seth Davis at really know what he’s talking about by saying that we’re in “dire need of a statement win"?

Yes, the Heels need a win. But really if they dropped it, would it be the end of the world?...No...The ACC standings are going to mean more in the long-run. Now, would this road win be a big one considering how bad the track record has been for the Heels over the past three years on the road...Yes. Dire, no...Would be a nice win...Yes.

Damn, everyone is down on the Heels...even Lil' Luke Winn at How quickly they dump...But after watching how bad our half-court offense was...I can't blame them.

Check me out at Triangle Blogger's Conference at Murphey Hall at UNC Chapel Hill this weekend...Blogger Con, son...BloggerCon.


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Root Down

Now this one hurts late this afternoon...


I've been running to this album for the last three years...What a pick-up from Dusty Groove America in Chicago when Verve reissued it. The album is incredible, and most people will think of it from the Beastie Boys "Ill Communication" loop. However, this is a great album, and you should pick it up in memory of Jimmy Smith, who passed at the age of 76 today.

Here's a great obituary from Jon Thurber of the LA Times in SFGate. The great Hammond B-3 banger from Philly was a great one, and I want to thank him for a lot of jams that he led me down.

Thank You Jimmy,

We Shall Return

How am I doing with last night's loss? Not good....

I really do believe that this year's UNC Basketball team is more talented and is a BETTER team than Duke's. However, it is still clearly evident that this team can not win big on the road, and it still does not have an effective half-court offense to get them a bucket when needed.

Until this year's team can prove to do those two things, I am not putting my high hopes on this year's squad. Believe me, this team really needs to raise it's 'basketball I.Q.' to get to a new level, and I don't know if that's possible with this year's team...seriously.

However, I am very impressed with how Sean May and Marvin Williams are playing together. As a front court, they're developing the telepathy or "chemistry" that makes a championship front line...a la Maurice Lucas and Bill Walton, or a la Sam Perkins and James Worthy....Keep watching how they're playing together down low. It really is nice to watch...Now the backcourt...That's another story...yeech...

Now, you may not want to stick that label on me as someone who has jumped off the bandwagon...Cameron is a tough place to play on the road, and our Carolina's big three of Raymond Felton, Rashad McCants, and Jawad Williams could not have played worse. Yet, those three are really going to have to step it up not only the next time, but also during the road games against UConn, Maryland, and on the neutral court of the ACC tourney.

One game that you won't want to miss is the 'revenge game' on March 6th...I'm betting that they'll be back.

Carolina has a tough one on Sunday afternoon with UConn, and I'll give you a full run-down with the WXYC Sports Crew on Sunday night from 9-10PM. Stream us up!

Revenge is A Dish Best Served Cold,

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

WXYC on iTunes

I had to drop a line to everyone that doesn't believe in emailing companies to improve products...

Getting up on my own leg, I became a big fan of iTunes listening stations over the summer because I wanted to see how many stations had solid talk sets with their music shows. With my searches, I was blown away that North Carolina Central, Cal State Long Beach, and a couple of universities had their stations on iTunes, but there was not a listing for WXYC. After all, XYC is the first station to broadcast online.

So, after one of my Sunday listening days...Actually their Jazz listening stations are pretty good...I threw an email to the WXYC list-serv that raised the question of why WXYC was not listed under Apple's iTunes.

Well, look what happens when people work together. Through the work of Ethan Clauset, Fred Stutzman, Tim Ross, and others consistently emailing the iTunes product managers, WXYC was able to get on the famed iTunes listing chart...Pretty cool huh?

WXYC Chapel Hill, FM 89.3 is now listed on iTunes. Now, check it out on your iTunes listening station.


Monday, February 07, 2005

No Pictures?

Here's one from "Notes from the Lab" that I posted today...

I've been a huge proponent of Millennium Park from it's inception, but I have to admit there has been a lot of "Chicago Style" hustle surrounding it from Day One.

So, I wasn't surprised when I checked out Boing Boing on my 'Feedreader', and I saw the clip about how people are banned from taking pictures of the "Cloud Gate" sculpture in SBC Plaza. In order to providing free access to the public, here's a pic of the sculpture courtesy of the City of Chicago.

I know the reports may be right on. Yet, I'm finding this hard to believe that you can't take a photo of the sculpture....People there are ways...You can do it from your car on Michigan Ave...But there has to be an explanation for this.

Then, again, it's Chicago, and the CPD will always find a way to crack your skull if you cross the line...

Right now, "Cloud Gate" is closed to the public by a piece of cloth that is draped over the 'bubble', 'tear-drop', 'pod', 'bean', or whatever name you would like to give it. Reknowed British sculptor, Anish Kapoor, is currently giving the sculpture a final polishing and welding through Spring of 2005, and he wants to hold publishing rights to all photos that have the "Cloud Gate" image in them.

Give it a couple of years, and I can't wait to see how they're going to police people from taking pics of this thing after 'BluesFest' or after 'Taste of Chicago'.

The City that Works,

Friday, February 04, 2005

Notes from the Smith Center

Oh man, what a night I had last night...No, I did not chase the moon on Franklin St. either...You know how healthy I am these days!

I checked out of iBiblio at 5:30PM, and I was in the pool at the Koury Natatorium by 6PM. After a quick shower, I head upstairs with the Sergeant of the Carolina Athletic Old Guard, UNC Swim Coach Frank Comfort, and I proceed to watch the Heels absolutely pummel N.C. State...Did the Pack look terrible or what?...And did the Heels look interplanetary with their play or what?

After that, I ran into William "Boo" Graves Sr. Graves's son is slated to join the slew of wing men for the Heels in the Fall of '06. So, be on the lookout. But I didn't geek him up about his son. I geeked him up because he got me more Ws and more fights at the Central YMCA in Greensboro than any other regular at the Y in the late 80s.

"Boo" is still running daily at the Y, and he tells me that he still gets long runs. "Hey I like to win." When I heard that, I pointed to his 6'6" son, who looks like he should be lining up at Linebacker for John Bunting next year not lining up for Nike All-American Camp, and I asked does he know how to do that.

His reply..."Who do you think his Pops is?" I like that...Keep shooting "Boo"!

Who else do I run into...Leon a.k.a. "Fortune Smith"...Or for you heads that don't know, the lead runner in the picture below of "Cool Runnings".

Damn, he had a nice "J" in The Flamingo Kid...Well, he's now in a reggae band that bounces around the West Village, and I dapped him up for some info. Check him and his band out at Shine downtown or at Reggae on the River on the Delta out in Cali in the summer.

Leon has been known to run with UNC's Bronx legend, Brian Reese, in Charlotte on occasion. So, if you're in Charlotte, watch out for a rec-center run near you.

And by the way, before I can pencil us into the Final 8, I really want to see a solid road win.

"Fortune, here's your Fortune",

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Other Day

Man, this flu got me...So, I haven't been able to get some fresh stuff for you, but I posted this entry on iBiblio on Monday...

Here's a great article that I caught on Monday in the AM from Saul Hansell of the New York Times. Check out "Search Sites Play a Constant Game of Catch-Up." I think Hansell is hitting on a good point by wondering if the intensity of competition, particularly between Yahoo and Google may leave some doors open for competition to seize upon some opportunities.
Here's a solid quote from Hansell's article...

"There is so much tit-for-tat between Yahoo and Google when they match each other's futures, that they are leaving an opening for things they are not watching," said Seth Goldstein, the chairman of Majestic Research, a firm that studies online consumer behavior for investors. "A lot of the real innovation is happening under the radar.." Goldstein also notes a lot of innovation among smaller sites in using blogs and other methods to associate, or tag, Web pages with information about their content.

You never know...Keep digging on that project!

Fred Stutzman is "on the loose" with his 'Best of 2004' list. Check out The Explainer for Fred's finest albums of '04. Then, run down to your local independently owned record store, and slide that plastic through the reader...Fred, I like the Masta Ace pick, but I really loved the #18 Foreign Exchange call...iBiblio says pick it up, and support "Bull City."

And for the caboose in this message. Check out Steve Kelley from The Seattle Times out Steve Kelley from the Seattle Times and his great article on the pride of Bremerton, Wash and how Marvin is fitting in here in the 'Hill'...Marvin Williams...Marvin could be one of the all-time greats...I just hope the leeches leave him alone.