Monday, October 31, 2005

Hallow's Eve Reads

Boo!...You know that time of year. I thought you would enjoy this pumpkin cut-out of a Screamin' Rasheed provided by the Detroit Pistons...Hell, they even have the headband.

I'll be on the East Side of 7th Avenue for the annual Halloween parade in downtown NYC...Hit me up on the cell if you're looking to oggle with someone.

In the meantime, here are a few reads that I enjoyed over the past 24...

Here's a great article by Richard Siklos in yesterday's New York Times
. In 'What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate', he touches upon the clashes between business and public wi-fi. Some of the statements from Comcast were stunning...Comcast CEO says that "Wireless Philadelphia has vast technical complexities that the city has not yet grasped."

Along with his criticism that there is much call for people to sit in city parks with their laptops because hot spots already exist for those that need access away from home, it makes me wonder if he really grasps Wi-Fi?

Seth Davis from on the Tar Heels...I know that everyone is expecting big-man prospect, Tyler Hansborough, to step-up and be the man. But I think it's going to be more about the team aspect with this class. I see the heralded freshmen class stepping up as a whole.

Marguerite Reardon of CNET broaches the 'Future of TV' subject. There are hundreds of channels, which has been nothing less than incredible for increasing our media consumption choices, but the question is how are we going to be able to access our information...Will the big media conglomerates let us?...Video iTunes is a ways away, but there are options. Check out this read.

Retro Weekend - The 49ers unis brought me back to 78-79...Not the '80s...Their play is making me think back to when O.J. was saying 'farewell'...Now that was a brutal time in Candlestick...Despite the W, the Niners are digging lower.

Miami with the "George Mora" retro...Like the hurricane flag logo. Yet, if they can postpone a game, they can delay a retro game...C'mon, wrong game to debut a hurricane warning flag as your old-school logo. Your MBA school should be pumping out more saavy sports-marketing talent that that...Right?


Thursday, October 27, 2005

2005 World Champions, Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox, World Champions 2005.

Good Guys Wear Black...Winnin' Ugly...GO-GO Sox!

South Side...Do or Die!,

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The New 'Wax'

Dropped by Fat Beats on 6th Avenue in the NYC yesterday...

And I'm amped up because I picked up the new issue of Waxpoetics Magazine. It's a damn good issue.

Kether "Nomadic" Gallu-Badat, who is known for mixing incredible beats around town and who hangs out with Bill Adler at the eyejammie Art Gallery in New York City chilled with the chief purveyor of hip-hop taste, Ricky Powell.

Here's an excerpt from Gallu-Badat's Waxpoetics interview. Ricky has a new book called, "Public Access", which is based upon his famed show from the early '90s, Rappin' with the Rickster. Be sure to check it out.

Gallu-Badat: Aside from classic hip-hop, what kind of music keeps the Rickster motivated these days?

Ricky Powell: Yo, definitely jazz and boogaloo. Booglaoo jazz with some funk thrown in there. I always catch Lou Donaldson when he plays at the [Village] Vanguard. They know me. That quartet knows me. I'm the crazy white dude right in front of them.

After a few glasses of red wine, I get open! I stand up and start orchestrating them. My man who really f&@%$ me up in that quartet is Dr. Lonnie Smith on the Hammond B-3...So funky. Anyway, I give him high fives, which is corny, but I give him high fives over the keyboard. And he always bows to me. And the owner, Lorraine Gordon, gets a kick out of it, which lifts my spirit. She's an OG! She's incredible."

While we're at it...Here's a pic of eyejammie Art Gallery's bearded wonders, Bill Adler and Kether, at Ricky's "Public Access" show at Powerhouse Gallery in Tribeca...They get things done on the curator tip. Check out both galleries when you're doing your afternoon tours in Manhattan.

P.S. There's also a great Disco Fever article included in Waxpoetics that has a picture of Mike Tyson as a teen...It looks like it's right around 'Kid Dynamite' time...So dope.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Get on the RSS Wave

Not to let you too far into my early morning habits, but one thing that I can't live without is my RSS Feedreader...That's my thang...Without it, I get a little edgy...

So, when I saw this column from MediaPost today by Tom Hespos, I had to put in this reply. Here is my response to the column along with my views on RSS feeds and how it possibly can be utilized as a marketing tool.


I often ask myself nowadays... "Was I that slow without RSS!?"

Because to address the value of RSS...It's all about speed, baby.

If you're job involves media content, you're going to have to be on it because the amount of time that RSS saves in terms of content consumption is nothing less than mind-blowing...Without RSS, surfing the web is like getting up to turn the dial on your TV, or if you can’t remember that, I’ll put it in NFL references, the time-comparsion is like putting Randy Moss against a retired Tony Siragusa in the 40…Simply put, it’s a big difference.

Now how long is “Joe Six-Pack” going to adopt it? (Question stemmed from an earlier post on the MediaPost board) This is a lot like podcasting… Maybe, we should ask Adam Curry to come up with a better name for it…;)

With those references stated, I do hope that more people get into RSS now because it will impact your online buying, selling, and more importantly, online viewing in a huge way.

And I don't think it's a complicated set-up process with RSS...Hell, I've actually was blown away at how easy it was not only to set a Feeder up, but how easy it is to add feeds to an RSS Feeder...What we may be witnessing in the lack of popularity is due to the age-old phenomenon surrounding marketers, who may not understand it enough to think of innovative ways to promote it.

In order to address the question of how do you position it? RSS is not similar to email...RSS is simply a tool, an aggregator, a mechanism...It's not content. How about devising the same strategies that marketers are thinking about or are utilizing for 'On Demand' features for DVR and Digital Cable users?

Personally, my hope is that RSS isn't discovered by marketers and the mainstream...With the minimal use of RSS today, I'm along with the tech junkies are one step ahead of the game....Gotcha!...;)

Keep Feedin',

Monday, October 17, 2005

UNC Basketball Recruiting: The Birth of a Dynasty?

I knew it was going to be good...But not that good...

When 6'9" 200lb. power forward prospect, Brandan Wright, from Brentwood Academy in Brentwood, Tennessee committed to UNC this past weekend, for most mainstream basketball fans it may have slid under your attention radar.

However, what people don't realize is that with the Wright signing Roy Williams may have assembled the best back-to-back classes ever landed at UNC. Think I'm crazy?...Check out the rated talents from the past two years.

Class of '05
Bobby Frasor - McDonald's All-American, Rated Top 5 in U.S. Shooting Guards.
Tyler Hansborough - McDonald's All-American, Rated 1 of the Top 3 players nationally.
Danny Green - McDonald's All-American, Zoomed up the ladder to one of top 5 SG.
Marcus Ginyard - Rated top Junior PG/SG, Finished in top 15 Shooting Guards.

Class of '06
Wayne Ellington - Rated Top SG in USA.
Brandan Wright - Rated Top PF in USA.
Deon Thompson - Rated in the Top 3 Power Forwards.
Tywon Lawson - Along with Kansas signee, Sherron Collins, is one of top 2 pure Point Guards in USA.
William Graves - With a 'Down-low' sleeper summer, could be another David Noel.
Alex Stephenson - Rated among Top 10 PF/C in USA.

Now with those types of talent logged into the roster...People will you please give a hand to perhaps the greatest assemblage of potential talent put forth in Chapel Hill...Yes, I said that.

Forget all the "Fab Five" talk in Ann Arbor in the '90s...Seriously, in terms of playing ability, this assembly could have more of a profound impact upon the game. This team is going to be loaded...They could potentially have nine McDonald's All-Americans on their roster.

Now, we've all seen potential blow by the wayside. However, Roy Williams has amassed a team laden with speed, character, movement, versatility, and team-play, which make-up his types of ideal players who love to play the game. For followers of the ACC, whether you love or love to hate North Carolina, enjoy...The '80s recruiting analogy for UNC basketball as the "IBM factory" is back.

Hard as Hell,

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Completely Torn...

As with any type of entertainment or segment of pop culture, sports intertwines with society's major issues fairly easily. And this summer was on exception with the case of Eddy Curry and his battle over DNA testing with the Chicago Bulls...The mainstream media needs to pick this case up because this is a challenging issue.

For those of you who have not been following the case, here's the quick synopsis and final stage of the Curry/Bulls case as reported in the late-night edition of

Check out "Heart Wrenching" by Marlen Garcia. And here's Sam Smith's take in today's Chicago Tribune.

First off, how can you fault John Paxson and the Bulls for their choice to purue a DNA testing to ensure that Curry does not have a fatal heart issue?

After all, Curry through his agent, Leon Rose, has countlessly denied taking a DNA test that may foretell congentive heart disease. The denials, the warning signs of arrythmia, doctor's warnings, and an accelerated heartbeat that halted Curry's season, have all led to the Bulls believing that Curry may have a serious, if fatal heart condition.

One only has to look to the Reggie Lewis case in Boston. Lewis's former agent, Jerome Stanley, stated this week "I've seen this movie before", and he wished the family, himself, and Reggie Lewis would have taken more precaution. (Lewis and his family denied doctors' recommendations to halt his playing career after discovering heart troubles....Unfortunately, we know the story that ended with Reggie Lewis dead on the floor.)

If Curry had signed with the Bulls, submitted a DNA sample and tested positive for the heart condition, his career essentially would have ended.

In that case, the Bulls were prepared to give him a 50-year annuity that would pay him $400,000 a year.

That's not a bad deal...Especially, when you consider the consequences if Rose and the Curry parties are wrong with this health choice.)

From an outsider's POV, Paxson seems to genuinely be looking out for Curry in the long-run. He also has the unenviable job of placing his organization's interests first.

Think about it...What if Curry collapses one day?...And no matter what position Rose stands upon, there would be lengthy liability issues involved if Curry does prove to be unhealthy.

On Curry's end, you can see his point. He's risking $60M/6 years vs. $400K/50 years...Big difference...He wants to play. And he has received the "go-ahead" from heart medical professionals.

Yet, why won't he take the test? It's to his benefit. His refusal also makes you wonder about what does he know already.

So, this is when it becomes a national issue.

Should an employer force an employee to submit a DNA test when giving out a long-term contract or policy? Should DNA be used to predict alcoholism, cancer, and other conditions in order not only protect an employer's investment risk?

If you look at Curry's case from an insurer's POV with the amount of money involved, the refusals for DNA testing, and history of fatal heart conditions with athletes, Curry is a tough case to insure.

With that said, should the Bulls be faulted for caring too much? Would a DNA test be inconclusive anyway? What if Curry does have a fatal heart issue? Has anyone heard of (let's trumpet out the well-known cases) Hank Gathers, Reggie Lewis, Flo Hyman or Pete Maravich for that matter?

On the basketball side, how do you trust Curry's work ethic from his previous experience? He has had several weight problems and often self-admittingly out-of-shape.

What happens after he enters camp with a 6 year $60M deal?

If Curry does develop into a premier player, the Bulls really got the bone. The organization took major hell for drafting Curry in the first place, and they worked like hell to get the baby-fat filled Curry into 'man' shape over the past four years.

The Bulls invested a ton of time working with Curry's game both on-the-court and off-the-court in terms of eating and living habits after they drafted him out of Thornwood H.S.

Remember, it was only just four years ago that Eddy was simply a 'Baby Huey'...

(You may also remember that the Bulls also put up a lot of with Curry's constant griping in the papers after his first season about not wanting to train with the Bulls' conditiong team in order to train with ex-Bulls trainer, Tim Grover.

Now, when looking at Curry, that's another piece to the case as well. Even though Grover does an incredible job with his clients. His program wasn't pushing the hell out of Curry like a organization's coaching staff and head coach, Scott Skiles, wanted to do.

With a questioned conditioning past, do you trust Curry's work ethic after one dedicated season...Has anyone heard of Ike Austin?

Now that it's a foregone conclusion that the Bulls have to worry about Curry's off-season conditioning, Isiah Thomas and Larry Brown are going to reap every bead of sweat and every penny put into the Bulls' nurtured South Side investment...That's a shame.

Why? It's a shame because the Bulls are very close to a championship contender in the Eastern Conference. With their blend of team chemistry, they could be contending with Curry for the EC title in a short span of time and for a long time.

Curry could be a great piece to the Bulls puzzle...But that "could" also surrounds the "if" Curry develops into his potential that he displayed last year, which was averaging 16 ppg in an average of 29 minutes of time.

On the Knicks end, Curry will be a nice piece to the Knicks' major Playoff Contender puzzle. With the Rucker League sized roster of the Knicks, the Bulls big-man is now the focal point for the Knicks' inside game.

However, that's also if Curry chooses to maintain the work ethic and performance that he put forth last season,..and that was for only one season, earn the respect and worth for his new contract.

For the Bulls, the good thing is that they got something in the form of Mike Sweetney and Tim Thomas because Curry would have been forced to sit out the season with nothing in return when he would become a unrestricted free-agent next season.

Yet, this move is a gut-wrenching loss for Bulls fans...Because now, whatever bad happens to the Bulls, fans will always be sniping at this move.

Personally...whew...looking at it right now, Paxson made the right call.

If Curry is healthy throughout the rest of his career and he lives to 90, then it was a mistake. But with this case, you have to look at the information at hand...Paxson made the right call by getting something when all he would have had this season is nothing.

A very tough one indeed,

P.S. At least it appears that veteran, Antonio Davis, appears to be coming back...His love for Chicago is why I dig the big man so much...Hit up the possiblity here.