Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Levitt and Dubner's Top 10

I've been looking at new 'reads' lately...

Here's a good list from the Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. Yes, the Freakonomics' guys. Hit me up if you have any thoughts.

Expand that Head,

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Uniform Dregs

I know mish-mash culture is in....But damn, did it have to cross-over to uniform design?...

I stopped by the UNC Bookstore today to check on a few gift ideas. What I love to do is to check out the NIKE section to see what designs are in for the teams this year.

However, I was blown away by the uniform re-design of the classic UNC Basketball uniform.

I know the reasons for why? But how Nike screwed up one of the greatest uniforms in college sports? I do not know, but they did. So, put the Julian classic in the closet...It's now old-school. Now, it's all about slashes, dashes, and annual re-designs for the new generation. Ridiculous...

But what could you expect?...Coach Roy Williams and Kansas were notorious for the worst unis in college basketball throughout the '90s with their Apex ONE looks...Does anyone remember? I'm sorry, but I was never into the whole red and blue flame look with black shoes....Damn, that was slow. Like Eric Chenowith slow.

So, have fun watching the Olive Garden-like unis tonight against Illinois...Why Olive Garden-like, you ask?...Because the unis will be grouped together with UCONN, Arizona, Duke, and whoever else is hot at the moment (ask Cincinnati) as part of the NIKE Elite design package, which will be just brutal.

This is a knock-out for the tastefully unique...You're just another program...;)

Tastefully Yours,

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Courtside @ The Coliseum

I love camera phones...

My boy, Steven Comfort, was sitting courtside last night at the Warriors/Bucks game, and he caught this one of Andrew Bogut rebounding untouched in the paint. Steven emailed me saying that he was at the game. I hit him back with the reply that Bogut is quite nice with Jamaal Magliore, Michael Redd, T.J. Ford, and Bobby Simmons. This Bucks line-up is not bad.

Check out Mr. Comfort's snapshot...'Where's the box-out?!"...Damn...No Fundamentals.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Frank Deford on 'Duke Hating'

Stop hatin'...It's not my type of program, but I'm not so 'Johnny Carolina' that I don't give respect where respect is due...That's why I also don't hate on Duke until the month of March or unless I need something to bitch about...

So, here's a good NPR feature from the deboinnaire of sports writing, Frank Deford. Spend three minutes here to listen to Deford's description of how much people hate Duke Basketball.

Great call from Deford that winning breeds hating...Although I still hold my belief that there's a gallon full of condescending snobbery that surrounds Duke supporters ...My only request is for them to realize that basketball history didn't start with the birth of ESPN.

But for Duke haters, you have to add respect to your emotion potion surrounding Duke. The same respect that seems to go with contempt garnered for the Yankees, Lakers, Canadiens, or the Princetons of the Ivy League history lore.

Respect is due...But before you think I'm giving away my love...Mark my words. UNC Basketball is going to own Duke's ass in the second half of this decade...

Tywon Lawson,

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Reads for You...

Here are some reads that I've checked out over the past few days...Click on them. Fill your head, and then put your thoughts into action...


1.) I'm a month behind on my initial order, but I put my order in for John Battelle's book, 'Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture. I'm a big fan of his Battelle's "SearchBlog". If you're into knowing where the internet could be heading over the next five years, check into Brad Berens's interview with Battelle from iMediaConnection.

One question though...If you work for Google in Sales, does that make you "Scary Smart"...;)

With that kidding aside, I do like Battelle's response to content providers such as AOL and the NYTimes building walls to their content in order to generate other revenue streams. Here it is:

Battelle: I think they are suffering from the problem most old line publishers have: how to sell the old model in a new model world. I have a lot to say about this, but not sure we need to go into all of it here. Suffice to say, it's all about the content. And if the content is not selling, then, perhaps, the content is not right.

2.) Check out this study from MIT's Media Lab...

MIT has been working on new studies that evaluate the behavior of laptop culture and usage on campuses. Pretty cool stuff from MIT's publication, iPosts.

As much as we're utilizing laptops and Wi-Fi, why are we not studying usage behavior more...Geez.

3.) Tim O'Reilly's interview from BBC News via Boing Boing on open-source challenges and it's current state. I dont' know about you, but anything that O'Reilly says out of Sebastipool...I'm definitely checking out.

4.) Here's a great post from the blog of Whole Foods CEO, John Mackey, entitled, "Rethinking The Social Responsiblity of Business." Definitely, hit this up. I enjoyed this article because Mackey goes up against Friedman's beliefs that solid business that business with a sociable conscience will not drive profits.

I'm in Mackey's corner. Businesses utilizing social marketing will build not only goodwill, but forge a more communal marketing relationship with consumers.

It's not only great to see a CEO blogging, but it's also great to see a company that is dedicated toward building two-way relationships with it's customers.


I'll have more coming your way...

You Better Hit Harder Than That,

Monday, November 07, 2005

Ferlinghetti's Beat

I have a bunch of articles that I'll pass on to you in the next few...But here's a great interview from one of the coolest cats that I've ever encountered in life, Lawerence Ferlinghetti...

You can check out my reasons here. He's one of my 'Cool People'.

On an odd note, I still use his reasoning to encourage people to adopt swimming as an exercise. He told me that's one of his secrets to staying healthy...And it probably is one of the better pieces of advice that I've received from a UNC alum of late.

So with a tip to Lenny Bruce, Ginsburg, Kerouac, and my boys working at the counter in North Beach, it's great to see City Lights Bookstore get it's due. Check out Deborah Solomon's cool interview with Ferlinghetti in Sunday's NYTimes.

P.S. I hope that I can bump into Ferlinghetti again at City Lights...I have to thank him for his store, and I would love to hear another old campus story about UNC. More importantly, his staff's reading inventory over the past decade has cracked my thinking, which is why I refer to his store as "The University of City Lights."

I definitely owe him one at Vesuvio's. Here's a few tidbits from Solomon's interview.


NYTimes, DS: Are you saying the word "literarians" refers to all readers of books, as opposed to people who prefer their culture plugged inot an electric socket?

Yes. In the '60's, there was a famous slogan. "Be Here Now." which in fact was a best-selling book by Ram Dass. Today, with the cellphones, the fax, the Internet, the whole schmear-the slogan you have today is "Be Somewhere Else Now."

NYTimes, DS: You yourself, at age 86, are still in teh same place, the legendary City Lights bookstore in San Francisco, which you opened with Peter Martin more than a half-century ago and which has somehow survived the proliferation of chain stores.

Ferlinghetti: It helps to have low rent! We're still open seven days a week, until midnight. I live in North Beach, about 10 blocks away from the bookshop, and I ride my bicycle to work.

NYTimes, DS: How would you like to be remembered?

Ferlinghetti: I really can't worry about my reputation. It's a waste of time. Sterling Lord, the literary agent in New York who is a friend of mine - he has been after me for years to write an autobiography. But I don't have time to look backward.

Here's a picture of the famous door in the basement of City Lights...It's unchanged from it's opening...

That's what I'm talking about...