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The MEDCAT list exchanges ideas related to medical cataloging provided by or for libraries and information centers in the health sciences. It provides an opportunity for technical services professionals and support staff, as well as anyone interested in the bibliographic and authority control of medical and health science resources, to participate in discussions about the standards, procedures, and developments that dictate policy.

MEDCAT is sponsored by the Health Science OCLC Users Group (HSOCLCUG) and is operated by its membership. The list posts continuing education opportunities, job vacancies, and meetings sponsored by related organizations in the field. Although not its primary purpose, the list announces HSOCLCUG meetings and updates to the HSOCLCUG Home page:

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List Manager
Karleen Darr
Carlson Health Sciences Library
University of California-
Davis, CA
FAX: (530)-752-4718
Committee Chair
Judith Dzierba
Library of Rush University
Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center
FAX: (312)-942-3143

HSOCLCUG MEDCAT Committee Members 1999/2001

Joseph Blackburn
Library of the Health Sciences
Texas Tech University of Health Sciences Center
Cindy Fedders
Becker Medical Library
Washington University School of Medicine
Mary Hawks
University of Arkansas
for Medical Sciences Library
Mary Holt
Tulane Medical Library
New Orleans, LA


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Contributors clearly understand the importance of assuring the accuracy of the information which they include in their postings and their accountability to the group and the profession. The tone of MEDCAT is that of congenial, scholarly discussion and courtesy.


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