Hearts of Gold

Rip-off of an old DOS game?  Yes.  Fun to play?  Maybe.

Generic Microsoft Publisher picture that I’m too lazy to change.

             This is a game that I wrote for a programming class during my freshman year of college in 1995.  It is a blatant rip-off of an old DOS game I had been addicted to at the time.  I can’t remember too well, but I think it was called “Heartline.”  In any case, I take no credit for the concept, I was just exercising my wimpy programming muscles.


System Requirements


Macintosh - It is an old System Something-or-other (whatever was current in the winter of 1995) game.  However, it has been tested extensively (for about five minutes) on OS X 10.2.4, and it seems to work fine.

You need a utility that can decode a BinHex file to get it back as an application.


Download Site


Hearts of Gold (in BinHex/hqx format)