Excel Jeopardy Scoreboard


 For Jeopardy! contestant hopefuls who like to keep track of your Coryat Score, but don't like simple addition and subtraction, this is for you.  It is an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to score yourself as you watch the show.  I created it in Excel 2002 - I have not tried it in other (earlier or later) versions of Excel, so I make no guarantees that it will work in other versions.  In fact, I make no guarantees at all, but it works well for me.


  1. When you open the spreadsheet, it may ask you if you want to enable macros - in order for the sheet to work, you must enable this.  I promise you that there is no virus or virus-like code (you can look at it yourself if you want).
  2. Go to the 'GAME TEMPLATE' sheet and click 'Create New Game'
  3. Type a name for the game in the dialog box (e.g. 'Mon-10-03-04') and click OK.
  4. Type in the category names, and you are ready to go!  Simply select the cell representing the current question, and the right/wrong buttons will appear with that cell.  The rest is automatic.


     I am providing this in the hopes that some people out there may find it useful.  You are welcome to distribute it however you like, though you may not charge for it.  Suggestions are welcome, but seeing as I am a third year medical student, I may not have time or energy to make any changes.  I am quite certain that this will not blow up your computer, but if it does, it's not my fault.  Enjoy at your own risk.  Possible side effects include tingling in the extremities, dry mouth, postviral ileus, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, alopecia, or herpangina.

Download the Spreadsheet