Supplementary photographs relating to

Sufi Martyrs of Love:
Chishti Sufism in South Asia and Beyond

by Carl W. Ernst and Bruce B. Lawrence

Palgrave Press, 2002

A pre-printed genealogical "tree" (shajara) document, with space at the end for signatures of the master bestowing initiation, and the name of the disciple joining the order. Silsila-i `aliyya-i Chishtiyya Nizamiyya Fakhriyya Sulaymaniyya Lutfiyya, ed. Hajji Makhdum Bakhsh (Lucknow: Nawal Kishor, 1913). Signed in Rudawli Sharif.
Doorway to the tomb of Farid al-Din Ganj-i Shakkar, `urs of 1986 (photo Carl Ernst)
Devotees at the `urs of Farid al-Din Ganj-i Shakkar, 1986 (photo Carl Ernst)
Tomb of Ibrahim Sufi, near Durban, South Africa (photo Bruce Lawrence)
Tomb of Haydar `Ali Shah, in Jalalpur Sharif (photo Carl Ernst)
The Gate of Paradise (Bab-i Jannat) at the tomb of Farid al-Din Ganj-i Shakkar (photo Bruce Lawrence)
Qawwals at the tomb of Nizam al-Din Awliya' in Delhi (Photo Bruce Lawrence)