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 Sources and Author's Note  

West Point Fortifications Staff Ride Note Cards 14
USMA History Department 2d Edition, March 1998


´ Construction began in autumn 1778 in response to DuportailÝs recommendations following his
inspection of West PointÝs defenses that year.
´ Construction
- Begun as SE curtain of Grand Bastion in Dec 1775
- Nicolls, Drake, and Palmer recommend in Dec 1775 that curtain be made into a battery of 4-6
cannon facing West Point
- Completed in Mar 1776
- Stone rubble rampart 130Ý long and 4Ý high with earthen parapet held in place by timber and
supported by a stone scarp or foundation
- Interior and exterior faces reveted with dry-laid stone masonry
- Rampart and parapet (at base) - 10Ý thick. Parapet constructed with timber revetments filled
with earth
- Rear foundation had a forward pitch to offset cannonÝ recoil and facilitate return to fireing
- Mounted seven 9-pdrs and one 6-pdr (eight embrasures)
´ Destroyed in 1777, but partially rebuilt in 1778 to protect eastern end of the Great Chain
´ Manpower: 40 men recommended by Duportail in 1779

View from Marine Battery area to south--Trophy Point at right.  Ships moving north up the Hudson would have to round West Point, then face the Great Chain, which was anchored in the foreground under the battery.
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