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Scouting Reports

The purpose of this page is two-fold. At a basic level, it's intended as an aid to players seeking to get to know their competition better. I also hope that sitting down to read and write profiles of individual players leads people to analyze tactics and strategy in a more general sense, stimulating discussion and maybe even innovation.. I will only post profiles of people who play on the Internet, so don't email me descriptions of your recent conquest of aIndy.

The profiles include reports written by myself as well as several other enterprising individuals, a category which could soon include YOU ! Please feel free to submit any feedback/suggestions as well as profiles of your own--both of players on this list and others you play frequently. If you request it, I will keep your submissions anonymous... However, I feel that it will make it easier for others to gauge the relevance of your observations to their individual playing ability if they know the profiler's identity.

If there is no profile on you, it is either because: a) I hate you, b) I don't know you well enough to write a profile, or c) I am overworked and haven't had time to write a profile on you. Since option A is really pretty rare, the best way to get around these problems is to encourage someone you play frequently to submit a profile of their observations of you.

Player Profiles

Active Players

Berserkir Black Flag Check Chopin Cliffa Coolfool Darth Vader Devilspawn Dirk Diggler/aka "Anna" Drad Edax Hayduke Hoov Lance Max Mhz Nix Noriko Palp Pins Severian Sluggo Smeagol Toad Vert Wharf Rat


Historical Interest Section

The following players no longer play actively (to my knowledge, anyway). Some of them rocked hard, some of them totally sucked. Either way, you may remember them fondly as you read through their profiles.

Amazon Athena Black Lightning C++ Catbutt Chaosfield EE Fish Gov Grimm Ian Kax Krempic Matthew Mofo Pooh Rommel SamhainSanta Seurat Tempest Tjam Tzunami Wild Duck Will/Attack Salad somebunny/xav Ye Zan

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