Redoubt 7
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West Point Fortifications Staff Ride Note Cards 25
USMA History Department 2d Edition, March 1998
Redoubt 7

A redoubt is a small fortification designed to protect an important feature such as a hill or a pass.
Redoubts contain infantry and, often, cannon.)
´ Purpose: Located at western end of island oriented to protect against attack from the marsh against
batteries protecting chain.
´ Construction began in autumn 1778 in response to DuportailÝs recommendations following his
inspection of West PointÝs defenses that year.
- An excellent example of dry masonry construction--best and most complete on the island
- 17Ý high in places, 1:6 talus on outside
- Walls vary in thickness at top from 6-9Ý


- Most of foundation still intact whereas stone from other redoubts may have been sold to local inhabitants. Possibly due to difficult access to position.
- May have had small fraise between scarp and parapet to prevent scaling
- 12Ýx18Ý powder magazine or bombproof from 1782-1797
- No ditch due to difficulty of digging

- LÝEnfantÝs sketch shows a gabled roof
- Existence of banquettes suggests that no heavy artillery was present
´ May have mounted as many as 7 small cannon, but no trace of int. or ext. gun positions exists.
´ Manpower: 80 men
´ May have survived because location on remote w. side of the island made stone difficult to retrieve.

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