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Constitution Island Fortifications

West Point Fortifications

The Great Chain 

Hudson River


 Sources and Author's Note  



 For lack of time or energy to do substantial research, this project relies heavily on information presented in the U.S. Military Academy Department of History's "West Point Fortifications Staff Ride Notecards," second edition (1998).   Much of the text is reproduced directly from the notecards. 

As the author's primary purpose in this project is to show some of the potential of multimedia Internet presentation for historical education rather than to undertake a major research project, the author relies fairly uncritically on this single source and hopes that no one will get cranky about his tiptoeing in the grey areas of the authors' restrictions on reproducing/publishing. 

Black-and-white and grey-scale images are reproduced (some cropped,, some enhanced, etc.) from the hardcopy of the U.S.M.A. Department of History's "West Point Fortifications Staff Ride Notecards," first edition (1994).

The large map of the region (and smaller reproductions on the individual pages) was developed from Edward J. Krasnoborski's "Fortress West Point," 1988.

Color photos of views from various points around West Point are the author's own work, such as it is.

See William G. Robertsonís The Staff Ride, (Washington, D.C.: Center of Military History, United States Army), 1987 [CMH Pub 70-21, Supt. of Docs. no.: D114.2:r43] for further information on the staff ride concept.

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