ENVR 401 - Unifying Concepts

This course is intended to provide students with an opportunity to broaden their exposure to the wide range of research done in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering.  The course is largely self-taught with students assigned to groups that must then choose from among a list of "modules" designed to introduce them to a particular field of research.  Each group must complete several of these modules throughout the course of the semester, demonstrating their proficiency with respect to a number of different qualitative and quantitative exercises.  The links below provide access to the Water Resource Management module, which is designed to introduce students to some of the technical, economic and social issues that must be considered when developing water resource policy, as well as to some very basic methods of analysis via linear programming (LP).

Introduction (Read me first)

Introductory Lecture (slides)

Introductory Lecture (notes)

Gleick Article

Gleick Questions

Simple LP Example

Reservoir Operation Problem