Water Resource Engineering & Management - Research

Research in our group involves developing water resource planning models that integrate consideration of both engineering and economic principles.  Much of this research involves improving the efficiency of water allocation via markets and various forms of transfers (e.g., options, spot leases), both in Western and Eastern U.S. contexts.  In more recent years this work expanded into mitigating the financial risks associated with water scarcity.  This research involves the development of new forms of hedging instrument (e.g.,  index insurance, derivative contracts) and their integration into risk management strategies that have been applied to water utilities, energy production and inland navigation.  Interests in water and energy have further evolved into a number of projects related to hydropower generation and biofuel production. 

Our research group also has a history of involvement in laboratory and field studies that support the modeling of non-point source pollution.  These projects have focused primarily on microbial contaminants and the role that particles play in pathogen and indicator organism transport, research with particular relevance in the development of water quality models used to evaluate the location and severity of public health risks.

Several Current Projects

  • Role of Water and Nutrient Recycling in Reducing the Life-Cycle Costs and Impacts of Algal Biofuels
  • Potential for Pooling the Financial Risks of Water Scarcity faced by Water Utilities 

Several Completed Projects