Water Resource Engineering & Management - Research

Research in the group includes developing integrated water resource planning models that consider both water quantity and water quality, as well as experimental work that supports modeling efforts. Much of the computational work involves the incorporation of hydrologic and economic principles into models that allow for the investigation of optimal water resource management strategies. Specific areas of current interest (see below) include the use of short-term water transfers (e.g., options, leases) in mitigating supply risk, regionalized water treatment planning and optimal operation of a multi-reservoir system. Laboratory and/or field studies generally revolve around characterizing the nature and origin of microbial contaminants entering receiving waters. Current projects involve identifying the sources of microbial contamination and the partitioning of these organisms to particulate matter in surface waters. Results from this work are incorporated into modeling efforts that estimate microbial fate and transport as part of an effort to develop Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) limits for biologically-impaired waters.

Current Projects

Developing Portfolios of Water Supply Transfers

Reducing the Cost of Meeting Regional Water Demand through Risk-based Transfer Agreements

An Integrated Approach to Evaluating the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Drought Through Probabilistic Modeling of a Multi-reservoir River Basin

Developing a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for a Biologically Impaired Waterbody

Identifying the Origins and Attachment Behavior of Non-point Source Microbial Contaminants

Impacts of Anthropogenic Change on the Ecology of Human Pathogens in a Eutrophic Estuary

Recently Completed Projects

Reduced Cost Strategies for Regional Integration of Surface and Ground-water Use

Impact of Microbial-Particle Interaction on Microbial Fate and Transport in Stormwater

An Expert System for Decisionmaking in the Use of Desalination for Augmenting Water Supply