Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine




The Clinical Question

Study Designs

Evidence Sources

Critical Appraisal

Applying Evidence

Saving Time

EBVM Resources

This self-paced learning guide is designed to introduce the concept of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) within the context of veterinary medicine. At the end of the tutorial you will be able to:

  • Define Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine
  • Identify the steps involved in practicing EBVM
  • Construct focused, answerable clinical questions
  • Identify resources for locating evidence
  • Identify criteria for critically appraising studies
  • Understand veterinary specific EBVM issues and obstacles

Who should use this tutorial?

Veterinarians seeking to learn and incorporate evidence-based medicine skills into their practice as well as veterinary medical students will benefit from this introduction to EBVM. This tutorial should be used as a learning guide to introduce self-directed learners to EBM concepts and to direct learners to additional tools and readings. To start, click on Introduction in the left navigation bar.





This website was created by Corinne Mahoney ( a graduate student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill's School of Information and Library Science as part of an Evidence Based Medicine class.

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