Curriculum Vitae

October 2009

Curriculum Vitae

Clair Morrissey

Department of Philosophy, CB #3125

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill, NC 27599



University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Ph.D. in Philosophy (expected May 2010)

Thesis:         Grounding the Standing to Prosecute Atrocities

Committee: Gerald J. Postema (chair), Bernard Boxill, Thomas E. Hill, Jr., Douglas MacLean,

                                   Geoffrey Sayre-McCord

M.A. in Philosophy (May 2006)

Thesis:          A Role for Expression in Retributive Theories of Punishment

Committee: Thomas E. Hill, Jr. (chair), Michael Corrado, Gerald Gaus

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

B.A. in Philosophy with High Honors and High Distinction (April 2004)

Areas of Specialization: Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy

Areas of Concentration: Practical Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Biomedical Ethics, Environmental

                                           Ethics, Philosophy of Race and Gender



“Two Arguments from ‘Human Rights Violation’ to ‘Universal Jurisdiction’,” Pacific APA, Vancouver, BC

        (April 2009)

“The ‘Harm to Humanity’ Argument for Universal Jurisdiction,” Central APA, Chicago, IL (February


“The Moral Importance of Supercrimes,” Thinking (With)Out Borders: International Political Theory in

        the 21st Century, University of St. Andrews (June 2008)

“A (Practical) Paradox of Narrative Well-Being,” North Carolina Philosophical Society and South

        Carolina Society for Philosophy Biennial Joint Meeting, Chapel Hill, NC (February 2008)

“Vengeance and Justice,” The Netherlands Research School for Practical Philosophy, Graduate    

        Summer School on Morality and Politics, Utrecht University (August 2006)


On Andrew Pierce’s “Oppression as Group Harm,” Central APA, Chicago,IL (February 2010)

On Christopher King’s “Practical Reason, Commensurability and Political Legitimacy,” Pacific APA,

        Pasadena, CA (March 2008)

Awards and Fellowships

Graduate Student Outstanding Paper Prize, Pacific APA (April 2009)

Graduate Student Travel Stipend Paper Award, Central APA (February 2009)

UNC Department of Philosophy Dissertation Fellowship (Fall 2008)

Prize for Best Graduate Student Paper, North Carolina Philosophical Society (2008)

Future Faculty Fellowship Program, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (August 2007)

Henry Horace Williams Fellowship, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (September 2004 – April


Scholars for Tomorrow Fellowship in Health Care Ethics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

        (September 2004 – April 2005)

Phi Beta Kappa (2004)

Courses Taught

At UNC-Chapel Hill as Primary Instructor:

Moral and Philosophical Issues of Gender in Society (Summer 2006)

Social Ethics and Political Thought (Summer 2007)

Morality and Law (Fall 2007)

Bioethics (Spring 2009)

Western Political Philosophy: Interrogating the Nation-State (Fall 2009)

At UNC-Chapel Hill as Teaching Assistant:

Environmental Ethics with Douglas MacLean (Fall 2006)

Introduction to Ethics with Geoffrey Sayre-McCord  (Spring 2007)

Courses Prepared to Teach


Contemporary Political Philosophy, Cosmopolitanism, History of Social Contract Theory, Methods of Bioethics, Moral Status, Punishment


Distributive Justice, Environmental Ethics, History of Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Feminist Moral and Political Philosophy, Moral and Philosophical Issues of Race and Society


Introduction to Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy (both Great Works and Main Problems focused), Bioethics, Practical Ethics, Introduction to Social & Political Philosophy, Logic

Graduate Courses Taken or Audited (* indicates audit)

Ethics and Moral Psychology:

Contemporary Moral Philosophy*                   Susan Wolf and Geoffrey Sayre-McCord

Emotions                                                         Jesse Prinz

The Unruly Self                           Susan Wolf and David Velleman

Contemporary Moral Theory          Thomas E. Hill, Jr.

Moral Theory (Particularism and Value)     Thomas E. Hill, Jr.

History of Ethics*                      Thomas E. Hill, Jr.

Well – Being                   Susan Wolf and Richard Kraut

Empirical Moral Psychology          Joshua Knobe and Jesse Prinz

Moral Status*                   Douglas MacLean and Rebecca Walker

Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law:

Philosophy of Law (Punishment)             Michael Corrado

Contemporary Political Philosophy     Bernard Boxill

Individual Diversity and Social Morality*    Gerald Gaus

Philosophy of International Law             Gerald Postema and Allen Buchanan

Kant and Rawls on International Justice*    Thomas E. Hill, Jr. and Bernard Boxill

Jurisprudence*                     Gerald Postema

Origins of Modern Political Philosophy*    Gerald Postema

Logic, Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Language:

Introduction to Mathematical Logic                  Thomas Hofweber

Philosophy of Language             Dean Pettit

Philosophy of Natural Science             John Roberts

Philosophy of Physics    Marc Lange and John Roberts


Rationalism (Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz)    Alan Nelson

Aristotle (Nicomachean Ethics)             C.D.C. Reeve

Kant (Critique of Pure Reason)             Jay Rosenberg


Proto-Seminar            William Lycan and Marc Lange

Professional Activities


Parr Center for Ethics Fellow (Fall 2006-Present)

CEER [Center for Excellence in ELSI Research] Trainee, Carolina Center for Genomics and Society

        (January 2008 –present)

BUNC [Bioethics at UNC] Member (January 2008-present)

Research Assistant to Rebecca Walker (January 2008- present)

Research Assistant to Thomas E. Hill, Jr. (August 2007-August 2008)


Directed Graduate Research Consultant for Bioethics (Phil. 165), Office of Undergraduate Research

        (January – April 2009)

Served as Graduate Research Consultant, Office of Undergraduate Research for: Social Ethics and

        Political Thought (Fall 2008), Introduction to Ethics (Summer 2009)

Philosophy Department Teaching and TA Coordinator (2007-2008 Academic Year)

Carolina Summer Reading Program Discussion Leader (August 2007)


Referee for Southern Journal of Philosophy

Graduate Student Office Assignment Co-Coordinator (Summer 2009)

President of the Philosophy Graduate Students (2006-2007 Academic Year)

Philosophy Outreach Program Coordinator (2005-2006 Academic Year)

Philosophy Group Creator and Discussion Leader, C. A. Dillon Youth Development Facility, North

        Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, Butner, NC (Fall 2005-Spring 2006; Fall 2008-Spring    


Philosophy Department New Student Housing Coordinator (Summers 2005-2008)

Discussion Leader, North Carolina School for Science and Math, “Ethics and Leadership” Conference,

        Durham, NC (Fall 2004, 2005, 2008)


Gerald J. Postema                    (919) 962-3310

Cary C. Boshamer Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Law

Thomas E. Hill, Jr.                     (919) 962-3326

Kenan Professor of Philosophy          


Geoffrey Sayre-McCord                    (919) 962-2695

Morehead Alumni Distinguished Professor of Philosophy       

Rebecca Walker                            (919) 843-6896

Assistant Professor of Social Medicine     

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Douglas MacLean                     (919) 843-4500

Professor of Philosophy