K. Elizabeth Coggins



  1. “Beyond the Thermostat: A Theory of Opinion Change.” Coggins, K. Elizabeth, James A. Stimson, Mary Layton Atkinson, and Frank R. Baumgartner.

  1. “Understanding the Decline in Liberal Self-Identification in America.” Coggins, K. Elizabeth and James A. Stimson.

published work

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  1. “When Governors Speak Up for Justice: Punishment Politics and Mass Incarceration in the United States.” Forthcoming 2013. Unah, Isaac and K. Elizabeth Coggins. Journal of Political Sciences and Public Affairs. Volume 1, 1-12.

  1. The Intersection of Judicial Attitudes and Litigant Selection Theories.” 2009. Yates, Jeffrey and K. Elizabeth Coggins. Washington University Journal of Law & Policy. Volume 29, 263-299.

working papers

  1. “Negativity, External Political Efficacy, and Vote Choice in U.S. Senate Elections.” With Kevin Banda and Tom Carsey.

  1. “On the Centrality of Ideological Identities.” With Brice D.L. Acree and James A. Stimson