John Bedford Lloyd
Victor Comstock
"The Station Manager"

Victor Comstock
John Bedford Lloyd


     What can I say about Victor Comstock? Well, for one thing, he's dead. Well, not really. He's a Nazi. Well, not really.
     Victor is a point of contention among WiENN'ers because some (the intelligensia) prefer Scotty over Vic. There are some misguided souls, however, that insist on looking back at the past. We can only hope that through extensive therapy and medication we can help these people.
      Oh, but I kid the Victor fans.  In fact, I admire Victor myself.  He's a pretty groovy guy.  But first, his story:
      Victor came to WENN from New York in search of creative freedom.  His ideas (such as the show with Cutter Dunlap entitled 'Sounds Dangerous') were shot down by network execs with little vision.
      At WENN he put his passion for radio to good use, often bending the rules and coming up with crazy schemes.  When Betty came to the station he slowly developed an affection for her.  This was brought to an abrupt end when he and Jeff Singer were sent to London to broadcast for the BBC.  During an air raid, the studio was bombed and Victor was killed.
      But not really.
      In "Magic", the Season 2 finale, Victor appears at the station and tells Betty that he's not dead.  He is in Germany sending messages to the Allies via broadcasts disguised as Nazi propaganda.  However, she must not tell anyone of his fate.
      At the end of Season 3, Victor returns to the station.  In this episode, "Happy Homecomings", he is obviously not himself.  He draws a gun on Betty when she says a phrase she has overheard from Rollie Pruitt.  As we find out, Victor has been brainwashed to shoot whomever says that phrase.  The Nazis, for whom Pruitt is a spy, have sent Victor to eliminate Pruitt.  The season ends with Victor holding a gun on Scott, who has also said the trigger phrase.
      In Season 4, everything is OK.  Victor recovers from his brainwashing, and travels often to Washington to broadcast a show for the government.  At WENN, he returns to his role as station manager and his renewed relationship with Betty instigates a romantic triangle pitting him vs. Scott for her affections.

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