Convenience for Faculty

Free on-campus pickup and delivery of materials and desk copies.  Choose any of the following FIVE ways to place your course pack order:

~ Online through our website

~ By emailing

~ By faxing 962-3759

~ By courier: call our pickup/delivery line at 962-4708

~ To reorder a digitally archived pack from a previous semester, simply call any of our office phone extensions:

Desk copies for professors and TAs
We provide each instructor with copies of the completed pack—just tell us how many!

Copyright Clearance

Student Stores Course Pack Publishing will reprint copyrighted material only with written permission.  This eliminates faculty, university and student liability.  We ensure proper acknowledgements and arrange for royalty payments.  If you know which materials you want in your course pack, get a head start on copyright by filling in the request forms.

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