High Quality Finished Products

Course Pack Publishing uses state of the art digital imaging equipment to create course pack documents.  We also incorporate high-speed production printers to deliver a prompt, quality document.

The Course Pack Production Cycle:

After we have received reprint permission on all your documents, the pack is digitally mastered using a high-resolution scanner.  It is then edited to remove black borders, specks, unwanted handwritten margin notes, and to de-skew any off-center pages.  Finally, page numbers (by request), a Table of Contents (free of charge), honor code and coupon page (if applicable) and front and back covers are added.

Once you have approved the price of the pack, it is printed using professional-grade printers.  It is bound to your specification, shelved immediately outside our department (when applicable, packs are sent to the Health Affairs or Higher Grounds bookstores) and ready for purchase by your students.

Should you wish to reuse the same items in subsequent semesters, we also digitally archive all material for greater accessibility.  So next time around, we can just pull up the file and start the process in no time*.

*We will still need to obtain written permission from the copyright holder, as contracts are only valid for one semester at a time.  Please know that this process can take up to 6 to 8 weeks.  Plan accordingly to help us meet our joint goal of having your course pack on the shelf by the first day of class.

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