Relief of three genii cucullati and a mother goddess  
Cirencester, Gloucestershire.  
4th c. AD  
Height 27 cm.  
Corinium Museum.
This house shaped stone votive tablet is carved with a low relief of four figures. The figures stand below a dome with six petal-like divisions.  The three genii cuculatii have rounded hoods and  appear side by side. The two flanking genii bear swords which allows the interpretation that they are protectors.  As the figures seem to face a mother goddess, it is possible that the dieties guard against barrenness and disease.  No other marks distinguish the members of the triplet.  The long haired mother goddess is seated and cradles either a cake or fruit.  The finish of the carving is quite rough, a condition most likely due to weathering, and, consequently, it is difficult to tell whether the original physiognomies were featureless, as they are now.  
Photograph: Rex Knight, for Corinium Museum.  

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