Fragment of Genii Cucullatii votive plaque   
Carlisle (Luguvalium 
unknown date  
Local cream-colored, pinkish sandstone  
 25.5 cm by  20 cm.  
Netherhall Collection, Maryport, Cumberland  
A fragment remains of this sandstone votive plaque that contains two genii cucullatii of a former triad.  The two figures stand on a ledge beneath an archway, as it is common for the figures to stand in an architectural setting.  Weathering and damage has obscured most of the detail, but the figures possess floor length cloaks, pointed hoods, and simplistic physiognomies.  The face of the left hand figure is longer than the right, but the features are otherwise of the same style.  The style is common to Celtic faces, including  large almond eyes with drilled pupils, triangular noses, and pronounced chins.  The arms and legs are concealed by the cloaks and the figures are possibly bearded.   The gender of the statues has been subject to debate.  Although Heichelheim suggests the left figure is female, perhaps because the features are more softy formed. Toynbee sees no basis for this determination.  Heichelheim also labels the figures as busts while Toynbee concludes the legs are missing, but once emerged from beneath the cloaks.  

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