OLSTraj Plotting Macro

Welcome to the home of the OLStraj SAS macro. This is a freely available macro designed to be executed from the SAS programming environment (see www.sas.com). The primary purpose of the macro is to provide a tool to help create high quality plots of individual growth trajectories within the SAS data system. This is an intentionally low-tech page that provides the macro itself, a sample data set, and an accompanying manual.

This macro is based on the work presented in

Carrig, M., Wirth, R.J., & Curran, P.J. (2004). A SAS Macro for estimating and visualizing individual growth curves. Structural Equation Modeling: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 11, 132-149.

First, the OLStraj manual is available in PDF and fully describes the macro and provides a step-by-step example using the data provided below.

Second, to work along with the examples in the manual and manuscript you will need to download the data (anti.dat). This is in ascii format and can easily be read into SAS for the analyses.

Finally, you must download the OLStraj macro itself. There are two ways to do this.

The first method is to download the macro, store this in a macro subdirectory, and call this in SAS when needed (this is fully described in the manual). For this method you need two files:

--OLStraj macro to be placed in a SAS macro Library: OLStraj.sas
--OLStraj data code and macro command lines: Command-lines-OLStraj.sas

The second method is to download all of the necessary code in a single file that allows you to run the macro as a single stand-alone program. For this method you need the following file:

--OLStraj macro complete code: OLStraj-complete-code.sas

Please see both the manual and the Carrig et al. (2004) manuscript for details. Questions can be directed to Madeline Carrig. We hope that you find this macro to be of some use in your own work.