Craig Turner


Head of Movement Training

Professional Actor Training Program

UNC-Chapel Hill


Fall, 2010

We opened Playmakers Repertory Company fall season with As You Like It. I choreographed the wrestling scene and a torture scene. I have just finished the baseball bat confrontation in Fences with guest artists and director.

Class work this fall is Ki-Aikido with the third year class of Professional Actor Training Program and Empty-handed Stage Combat with the new First Year Class.

I discovered that my article on the Association Process has found an additional home in Performing Consciousness, a book about various aspects of state work in performers and written by a number of authors in chapters. Always thrilling to hold a real book in the hand! Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Summer, 2008

My study of trance, sensory process and acting technique are further developed in ”The Association Process in Stanislavski’s ‘Threshold of the Subconscious’.” published in Consciousness, Literature and the Arts, Volume 9, No. 2. See online.

Summer, 2007

A trip to Taipei, at National Taiwan University, teaching classes in Stage Combat, Neutral Mask and Juggling for Actors in the Department of Drama and Theatre. I thank my host, Professor Gwen Yao, and department Chair, Professor Wei-Jan Chi, who were most enthusiastic and supportive of the work. I also want to thank Ms. Fiona Liao and Ms. Yilin Liu who made so many detailed arrangements before and during my stay. Finally I want to wish my Taiwanese students the best.

Current research
Research into application of Merleau-Ponty’s idea of “depth” and how we think of the actor’s experience within the character.

Implications and applications of trance state to acting process. Exploring aesthetics of audience reaction—perhaps as involved in mirror neuron response?—to perceived performer movement.

Applying Rossi's Ultradian rhythms theories to performance training.

Implications of recent brain research for teaching and learning.

Personal: continuing study of ki-aikido, taijiquan, shufa and ukulele.