We welcome applicants who are interested in our research!

UNC-Chapel Hill (and the Research Triangle Park area) is known for its research on infectious diseases, cancer biology, and biomedical research. We offer trainees a rich, multidisciplinary and collaborative environment.
Moreover, Chapel Hill  and the Research Triangle Park area offer outstanding opportunities to researchers and is routinely ranked as one of the best cities in which to live in the US.

Interested postdoctoral fellows and incoming BBSP graduate students should contact us to learn about current research opportunities and our multidisciplinary approaches to investigate viral immunity and cancer biology.


Contact Information:

Dr. Blossom Damania
Boshamer Distinguished Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
32-026 Lineberger Cancer Center; CB#7295
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Office: (919) 843-6011
Fax: (919) 966-9673
Email: damania@med.unc.edu