Azoria Project Senior Staff

Donald C. Haggis, Project Director, Nicholas A. Cassas Professor of Greek Studies and Professor of Classical Archaeology, Department of Classics and Curriculum in Archaeology; Research Associate, Research Laboratories of Archaeology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Margaret S. Mook, Field Director and Pottery Specialist; Associate Professor of Classics, Classical Studies Program, Department of World Languages and Cultures, Iowa State University.

C. Margaret Scarry, Paleoethnobotanist, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology and Curriculum in Archaeology; Research Laboratories of Archaeology,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Rodney D. Fitzsimons, Architect: Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Trent University.

Melissa Eaby, Assistant Director, Field Supervisor, and small-finds specialist; Researcher, INSTAP SCEC; staff member, Halasmenos excavations; Papadiokampos excavations; Mochlos excavations.

Flint Dibble, Zooarchaeologist, Ph.D. Candidate, Classical Archaeology, Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati (UC).

Christina Tsoraki, Ground stone specialist; Marie Curie Intra-European Research Fellow, Faculty of Archaeology, Laboratory for Material Culture Studies, Leiden University.

Paula J. Perlman, Historian and epigraphy specialist; Professor of Classics, Department of Classics, The University of Texas at Austin

Dimitra Mylona, Zooarchaeologist; Swedish Institute at Athens; Kalauria Research Program.

Maria Ntinou, Anthracology Specialist (charcoal analysis); 12th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical antiquities; Wiener Laboratory, American School of Classical Studies at Athens; Kalauria Research Program.

Sevasti Triantaphyllou, Biological anthropologist; Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology and Osteoarchaeology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Manolis I. Stefanakis, Numismatist; Associate Professor in Classical Archaeology and Numismatics in the Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean. Director of Postgraduate Studies in “Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean: Greece, Egypt, Near East”. Director, University of the Aegean Archaeological Research in Kymissala, Rhodes (Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean, Rhodes).

Stephania N. Chlouveraki, Chief Conservator, Lecturer, Conservation Department, T.E.I. of Athens; former Director of the W.D.E. Coulson Conservation Laboratory, INSTAP Study Center for East Crete.

Jonida Martini, Registrar; M.A. Candidate, University of Cincinnati (UC), Department of Classics.

Fani Skivalida, Archaeological Illustrator and Artist (
MA in Byzantine Studies, University of Crete 2010), Research Assistant, National Hellenic Research Foundation (2012-2013).

Manolis Kasotakis, Excavation Foreman, Kavousi, Crete.

Other senior reasearch staff

Lynn M. Snyder, Zooarchaeologist (2002-2012); Research Associate, Anthropology Division of the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution.   

Tristan Carter, Lithics Specialist (2002-2006); Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, McMaster University; Research Associate, Catal Hüyük Research Project; past INSTAP Post-Doctoral Fellow and Visiting Professor at Stanford University.

Maria Liston, Biological Anthropologist (2002-2007); Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Waterloo.
William C. West III, Historian and Epigraphist (2002-2012); Professor of Classics Emeritus, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Yuki Furuya, Project Registrar (2003-2008), Ph.D. Candidate, Classical Archaeology, University of Cincinnati, Library Fellow, INSTAP SCEC.