Alleghany County, North Carolina

Alleghany County is located in the northwest mountains of North Carolina.  Virginia is immediately to the north.  The county was first settled in the mid-18th century, and many of the original families are still prominent in the county.  The beauty as well as history is spectacular.  This page is dedicated to pictures of Alleghany County.  I hope it will evolve into an atlas of the beauty of this wonderful place.

The closest entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway is only 5 miles from Blue Haven.  If we travel south on the Parkway we pass Mahogany Rock, Air Bellows Gap, and Doughton Park.  Extensive public lands border the Parkway to the southwest.  These include about 40,000 contiguous acres of Stone Mountain State Park, Federal and State Wildlife Preservation lands, and Doughton Park.

One of the most interesting geological feature of these mountains in Stone Mountain.  This is an 800 ft high mountain of granite.  This photograph taken on the Parkway from the Stone Mountain Overlook looks down on Stone Mountain from the 3800 foot elevation of the Parkway.

This is the old Antioch School  in the southeastern part of the county.  Of course, we have progressed to buildings that have many more classrooms, but I must say that this would be an idyllic place to attend school.