Applied Microeconomics Student Workshop
Department of Economics-University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  Spring 2013

           The schedule of presentations is listed below and includes a link to the accompanying paper that will be accessible the Friday before the Tuesday workshop (at the latest).   Dr. Gilleskie will update the schedule as needed.   We plan to meet for an hour at 12:30 pm on Tuesdays, unless otherwise indicated below.

X = seminar; P = proposal defense; J = job market talk practice; R = super reader
Date Mon
Tue Wed Thur Fri Time/Location Student

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact >

The purpose of this course (ECON 985) or workshop is (at least) three-fold:

           1.) By actively engaging in the workshop both as a presenter and a prepared and vocal participant, a student improves his or her ability to organize thoughts and to discuss ones' own and other research.

           2.) Participation in the workshop allows the student to associate, correct, or avoid similar problems in one's own research, and to learn appropriate presentation and research skills by observing and engaging others.

           3.) Participation in the workshop provides the student with feedback on his or her own research in a relaxed, but formal, setting from student colleagues and multiple faculty members who may or may not be dissertation committee members.

           All student participants are required to present at least once during the Spring or Spring semester. Student participants will also provide comments on papers provided by EACH presenter. Please read the paper before the presentation and bring written comments to the presentation. Turn the comments in to Dr. Gilleskie, who will distribute them to the presenter. Each participant will be designated as a "super-reader" at least once. Super-readers will be responsible for providing very detailed comments on the assigned paper; these comments should be substantive with regard to the economic content and modeling as well as constructive with regard to grammar and style.

           In addition to the required presentation of own research at least once during the semester and weekly active participation, we encourage preliminary oral exams (defense of the prospectus) and final oral exams (defense of the dissertation) for applied micro students to be scheduled as part of the workshop. Exams have priority for scheduling and so there may be changes to the order, day, or time in which students present.  Since the times of the exams must accommodate the schedules of faculty on the committees, some of the workshops might be scheduled outside the usual workshop time and some regular attendees might be unable to attend. Also, there may be scheduling conflicts that necessitate using a conference room in which case only the committee members and student being examined would be able to attend.

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